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Title: EVOPROGRAM The underlying cause of alcohol addiction is an imbalance of brain chemistry and it is correctable.
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The underlying cause of alcoholism is an imbalance of brain chemistry, called a Reward Deficiency Syndrome. Neurotransmitters, the c...

The underlying cause of alcoholism is an imbalance of brain chemistry, called a Reward Deficiency Syndrome. Neurotransmitters, the chemicals in the brain that make us feel good, are decreased in the brains of many children born into families with a history of alcoholism. RDS is a hereditary and genetic condition. When these people drink alcohol, their brains make automatic chemical shifts which creates the addiction. Poor parenting and poor environments do not cause alcoholism. These situations can lead a person to drink but they do not cause the addiction.

The underlying cause of alcohol addiction is an imbalance of brain chemistry and it is correctable.

Neuroscience shows us that by removing the biochemical cause of alcoholism, recovery becomes four times more effective. Evoprogram participants immediately experience symptom relief by adjusting brain chemistry and by neurotoxin removal. Here’s how it works.

Prior to beginning the Evoprogram treatment program members complete their initial assessments which guide their nutritional program. During the program they are given specific all natural food supplement formulas, along with nutritional guidelines, to restore the brain to optimal health. Dry heat saunas rapidly remove alcohol toxins from the body. Relief from some symptoms occurs just days after beginning the detox treatment program.

As your brain and body are being repaired you can

look forward to experiencing many of the following results:

Absence of craving and tremors
Elimination of anxiety
Relief from depression and suicidal thoughts
Elimination of racing thoughts
Improved memory and concentration
Improved sleep
Recovery from fatigue and exhaustion
Increased energy and motivation
Stabilised emotions
Elimination of aggression, irritability and sudden anger
Absence of panic attacks
Reduction or elimination of obsessive-compulsive behaviours
Reduction of physical pain
Reduced cholesterol levels
Normalised blood sugars
Normalised blood pressure
Relief from food and chemical sensitivities
Relief from Candida Related Complex


Most alcohol dependent people fail to meet their brain’s nutritional needs. In addition, due to the presence of alcohol in their system, and any other drugs or medications they are taking, their bodies are unable to metabolise healthy food, even if it is present. When the brain and body are lacking in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, trace elements and enzymes, all the physical, emotional and mental symptoms common to alcoholism are present. Conversely, when the brain and body are restored to biochemical balance, most of these symptoms are relieved as well.

Many emotional and mental symptoms are relieved simply by normalising brain chemistry.

Suka Chapel-Horst, PhD, RN, Director of ARISE Alcohol Recovery treatment program, conducted a survey of 62 alcohol dependent people in a hospital-based medical detoxification program. In this 2009 study 95% of the people surveyed did not have adequate nutrition for maintaining balanced brain chemistry. In another research study of 100 alcohol dependent individuals approximately 88% were hypoglycaemic, 73% had allergies, 55% had environmental sensitivities and 55% of women and 35% of men had histories indicating probable candida overgrowth.*

Talk therapy cannot heal these physical problems.

Researcher and author Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D. states, “Too much therapeutic emphasis has been placed on psychological factors, while more basic biochemical deficiencies and defects in body chemistry have received relatively little attention.”**

Only biochemical restoration can bring the brain and body back to normal. Permanent recovery, without dry drunk symptoms, cravings or relapses, is rarely possible unless the physical brain and body are restored to a healthy condition.

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