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Title: To begin a spiritual journey is to experience simple wonder and awe
Author: Fraser Trevor
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To begin a spiritual journey is to experience simple wonder and awe of everything in every moment as a child, discounting the material wor...
To begin a spiritual journey is to experience simple wonder and awe of everything in every moment as a child, discounting the material worlds viewpoint.  The spiritual world is so much bigger than you and you want to see, touch, hear, explore, discover, and try it all.  You laugh and giggle and smile.  You cry and get Wow’ies and are startled, but nothing stops you.  And that is not enough; you create new things with your imagination – reaching out and touching the universe of a new experience.You relax into an imperfect answer and know that the solution is not that wish you expected. You move gently from the kindergarden out into a changed world.Changed by your perspective, expanded.

You grow and you ask the question ‘why?’ over and over.  Answers are given ,answers previously unknown.  Many answers that are difficult to explained. One example is that you don’t have to be right. Its looking at the world threw new glasses, that magnify the answers. Science and logic have discovered many new frontiers and provide many answers.  Yet, still there are truths believed and taken on faith with no proof that are just right.  We are exposed and taught a new belief systems,That work and feel completely positive and right.

 My exposure too spiritual experience have been diverse.  Also, with travels I was exposed to many different cultures and through those cultures many other belief systems that for a time I lived by.
Personal spirituality questions centred on universality, commonality of the various belief systems.  I explored different spiritual paths, religions and dogmas.  I came to an understanding of a higher power, a greater power than humans (earthly beings) and a belief in imperfect spirituality.  I studied social science for twenty years .  I came to the conclusion overtime that the unknown, the magic, was that which was not understood yet through science or as I describe it the freedom of imperfection.  The micro and macrocosms were vast intricately connected that connection could at times manifest within me. Belief systems were designed to explain that which was not understood.  Systems became modified, changed, discounted, let go, as greater or different understanding came forth.  So what belief system could allow for ongoing change or withstand the changes?

I have made my choices on factors, beliefs – that not everything can be explained; that hope and faith are part of who I am and thus belief in something beyond human ability exists; that which we do not understand is explored with the help of a power far greater than myself. I am taught on a strictly need to know basis a greater explanation is obtained; that the vastness is such that complete understanding is not feasible and that is ok; that all is interconnected and knowledge of that is also a responsibility; and….my beliefs continue to change and develop. I started to understand the laws of imperfect spirituality in an ever changing inner cosmos of belief.

My historical starting point is in Christianity.  I used to use the terms of God and Lord and Jesus Christ to start to facilitate my beliefs.  I also know and have implemented much from the energy systems of the twelve steps concepts as part of my belief system. The building blocks of belief, I strongly oppose being told what to believe; no rituals are required to demonstrate my beliefs; arguments that this belief system is the only one are irrelevant.  Belief systems can be very individual. I have come to respect and learn that each individuals private belief system needs to be honoured and learned from, however bizarre and far out it first appears.  This newly discovered evolving belief system does not accept doing any deliberate harm to others and requires respect for the individual and the dynamics necessary to co-exist. A logical understanding that the answer to disbelief is peace and spiritual kindness

This is one journey.  This is belief and  perspective.  Life is full of experiences and learning.  Sharing  your journey….. Asking questions….. making comments…exploring and discovery is the adventure inside to the personal unknown. A land of meditation,contemplation and silence and above all answers.

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