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Title: There is one reason above all others why people dont get recovery
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The Solution Based Recovery Group There is one reason above all others why people dont get recovery, if you think about it, there will AL...
The Solution Based Recovery Group
There is one reason above all others why people dont get recovery, if you think about it, there will ALWAYS be a reason to wait for change. Not this week, there’s too much stuff going on. And next week, well, I’m traveling next week so I can’t start then. Oh, and the week after that – it’s my birthday, so I’ll wait. Next thing you know, excuse after excuse, we have made up our minds to not change for a month, two months, or maybe even more! We will always find what we go looking for. And if we want to find excuses that hold us back from transformation, we will find TONS! Yes – TONS! They are everywhere. And many of us have a group of friends who don’t want to change, too – who will back us up with our excuses. Who we hang out with is who we become.

The environment we live in moulds us more than anything else. We have to be super mindful of the people we surround ourselves with and where we choose to exist and be. There are plenty of people in the world who will positively affirm mediocrity! Not because they are bad people, no – but because they do not know any better. For most people, excuses not to change are commonplace and socially acceptable. But if you are on The Path of your RECOVERY and ready for transformation, excuses are just another form of resistance that is holding you back!

If you want to argue for your limitations, you will justify and further create them! But that is not who you ARE! That is not where you want to LIVE! Mediocrity is not your emotional home! It’s a cliché, but it’s true that if we seek, we shall find. So today, instead of seeking reasons and excuses NOT to change – start to look for reasons why you should change and get motivated.

It’s moments like this when it’s important to GET REAL with ourselves. Not so you judge yourself, but so you can see the truth of how things are – and when we see the truth, we begin to set ourselves free. And when we do that, we start to make positive change. Are you in denial about your pill or drug use? . Instead of ignoring the problem entirely, get real with yourself – YOU’RE ADDICTED! Accept it, and then DO something about it. How much longer do you want to live there? Are you addicted to being angry or sad?

Do you get connection and Love from people by telling your sad story over and over again – but deep down you know it’s time to change? It’s time to accept what happened and give what happened an empowering meaning. And know that you can get your needs met in healthier ways. Are you drinking or smoking too much? How is that habit affecting your health and the health of those around you? You say you can stop at any time. Well if that’s the case – why not stop now? How much longer do you want to avoid your feelings and push them down with an addiction that isn’t serving you? Maybe you are in a relationship with someone who you KNOW isn’t good for you – but you are terrified of letting go and facing the unknown alone. Yet, you know this situation won’t get any better. So you settle for 10% Love that has turned into poison, instead of letting go and facing the fear of being alone. 
Do you Love yourself enough to let go of this toxic situation, feel your feelings and trust a higher power that a miracle is around the corner once you let go? You deserve MORE than this! Begin to surround yourself with people who lift you up. We gotta love negative people, but sometimes it’s okay to love them from a distance when we are in recovery or in the beginning stages of transformation. From today forward, let’s not justify our excuses. From today forward, let’s get real with ourselves and see how we are truly acting and use the white hot pain of that truth as ammunition to change our lives. How much longer do you want to live like this?

Today is a new day and today YOU have the power of choice. How do you want to view what happened? Who are you choosing to surround yourself with and where? And from this moment forward what are you going to do about it, every-single-day? You will surely arrive one year from now – the question is where, with whom and in what state?
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