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Title: Imagine that there really is a higher power
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Imagine that there really is a higher power, so  immense, so infinite that it reminds us of a powerful ocean in which everything and everyo...
Imagine that there really is a higher power, so 
immense, so infinite that it reminds us of a powerful ocean in which everything and everyone swims—we swim in that ocean. 

Seeking to swim freely, easily in this ocean of life. 
But finding it difficult to swim, can’t figure out why it 
seems so hard. Believing and seeing others swimming 
along seemingly effortlessly. Dreaming that one day that perhaps we might be able to swim in this sea of life as the dolphins do with ease and grace.

We find a swimming coach who tells us to take
the weighted belt from your waist. But we fail to
understand. You go to another coach they say to drop
the rock that you clutch. But you are attached to your rock because you believe it is of great value. Then you go to another coach who tells you to take your clothes off, you become suspicious of there motives . As you continue attempting to swim with these large burdens, with great effort and struggle you become more tired until you finally exhausted you surrender to the ocean of life.

You remove the weighted belt of life's restriction from your waist. You “drop the rock” of this world, a belief of good and bad. And finally you remove the clothing of separation that has been pulling you down into the depths where you could not spiritually breathe as you had struggled to swim in life.

Great joy and freedom returns to you as you cast aside your worldly burdens and you start noticing that you merging, becoming one with life's ocean . Suddenly you notice how free, swift and genteelly you swim in life's warming current. You see that you now easily swim as a dolphin . Swimming as though you have become the pure spirit itself. You then realise as though struck by lightning, you are always in the process of becoming one with the ocean. This realisation sticks with you. We take this realisation into our meditation time.
Keeping it with us always—I have become one with all that is.

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