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Title: Do you ever feel “the recovery squeeze”?
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Spiritually Evolving Steps Do you ever feel “the recovery squeeze”? You know what I’m talking about – it’s those moments when you REALLY ...
Spiritually Evolving Steps
Do you ever feel “the recovery squeeze”? You know what I’m talking about – it’s those moments when you REALLY put your butt on the line. When you really feel stressed out or pushed beyond your limits and think you might have gone too far, taken on too much. I used to hate the recovery squeeze and did everything I could to avoid it. But soon I realised that it’s “the squeeze” that helps us grow, and the squeeze can be turned into the spiritual stretch. It’s those moments of being uncomfortable, of being uneasy that defines us. We don’t like to get recovery squeezed. We don’t like to get uncomfortable. We don’t like to put our butts on the line – and yet – it is exactly these things that help us grow, be happy, have purpose and find fulfilment.

Many people that work with us come to us because they feel stuck, they feel like they are treading water. This is because they have not yet been able to take the action that is required out into uncertainty so that they can grow. The only way we can truly be happy, the only way we can truly find fulfilment is to grow – because progress equals happiness. It’s not even about the end goal most of the time, it’s about making progress towards that goal that makes us come alive. When we look at the things in our life that our recovery desires, we tend to choose the seemingly safe path and then justify why we can’t have what we want. But really, if we could just find the faith to face uncertainty, to step out and try new things and then learn from our mistakes – life would change. Thats the challenge of the four hour steps.

I’ve learned to embrace “the recovery squeeze” as a natural part of life and a REQUIRED part of living my program at its highest potential. Now, when I am in the squeeze, I don’t stop – I keep going and I know that the pressure being on is a great thing. It means I am putting my butt on the line for something that I believe in and there is no greater act of faith than really putting yourself out there for those that you believe in. Are you in the squeeze? Are you avoiding the squeeze? What if only great lessons or great outcomes could come from the squeeze – what would you do differently? Turn the squeeze into the stretch, stretch out we will be there.
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