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Title: The foundation of living in Recovery is living a autonomous program!
Author: Fraser Trevor
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THE RECOVERING SOCIETY The foundation of living in Recovery is living a autonomous program! I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve ...
The foundation of living in Recovery is living a autonomous program! I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had about how people feel GUILTY for being who they are.I believe we all have standard addiction which can be described as a set of behaviours we exhibit or an allergy we have or an emotional disease that we can jointly identify with and its symptoms works equally in all of us.Addiction is the only "disease" that you have to treat the rash first. It’s usually because some dogmatic version of religion or the program told them they were wrong, or their tribe growing up didn’t accept them, or they had abusive parents, etc., etc. Whatever the reason, I feel like many people feel like they have to fight for the right to just exist in their recovery.

Well, I’ve got a message for you… IT’S OKAY FOR YOU TO BE YOU! You are LOVED, ADORED, CHERISHED and ACCEPTED for who you are by your higher power,. There is nothing you have to prove. There is nothing you have to DO or become to be enough – you ARE enough. No matter what you were told growing up, no matter what a recovery fundamentalist may have told you, no matter what someone who was living their life based on fear may have led you to believe, there is NOTHING wrong with you. You know, guilt is an interesting topic – and the definition I found is VERY interesting. It said, guilt is “admission of wrongdoing.” That’s interesting. Admission of wrongdoing. The first thing I thought was… ok… wrongdoing, but wrongdoing according to WHOM? Who feels guilty when you feel guilty? Whose recovery rules are you living by? Whose recovery standards are you living by? Whose program choices are you living by? All these questions need to be answered to determine why the heck you feel guilty in the first place.

You may find out that you feel guilty because you are living your mother’s life, or your father’s life, or your tribe’s life. Very rarely do we feel guilty for being ourselves because we're are attempting to live an autonomous recovery. We feel wrong because we have adopted a belief system from someone else that tells us how we “should” or “shouldn’t” be, instead of listening to the 12 steps. You have PERMISSION RIGHT NOW TO BE YOU and own your own spiritual program! You can express yourself. You can BE yourself. You can acknowledge yourself. You don’t need to prove or earn your right to exist. You, your recovery, your passions, your heart’s desires are VALID, OKAY and ORDAINED by your higher power to be expressed through you. Know this. Accept this. And then ACT accordingly. No need for apologies for being the recovering version of you. Now that you have permission to be you, and now that you know that with your higher power in your life you are enough.
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