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Title: THE DAILY SOLUTION EXPERIMENT I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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THE DAILY SOLUTION THE DAILY SOLUTION EXPERIMENT I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. The good news is there is a way out of anger, ...
THE DAILY SOLUTION EXPERIMENT I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. The good news is there is a way out of anger, resentment and even hatred.

The bad news is that the answer to why you are angry isn’t out in the world - it’s within you. And it’s only bad news to the ego. The heart and the Spirit rejoice with this news.

Check this out...This one is a painful lesson for the ego. Think about that one person or those few people who REALLY annoy you. Maybe they make you SUPER angry. Maybe you even hate them. Think about them for a moment... You thinking about them??

Yeah? Ok, so - right now, write down what makes you so mad at them. Take a second, pause reading this post and then write it down. Do you got it? Ok... now looking at that thing that makes you mad, chances are what makes you mad about someone else, or what makes you hate them, is an unresolved part of yourself. EEEEK! The ego is standing up right now and yelling - NO WAY! That’s IMPOSSIBLE! But, yes, dear ego, it’s possible; in fact it is. We resent and hate in others the unresolved parts of ourselves. And this is awesome because we can then flip the switch and begin to see those who anger us not as enemies or nemeses, but rather as who they really are - TEACHERS.

They are teachers and guides showing us the unresolved parts of ourselves that still need work. So, our job on the Path is to notice when we get triggered and no longer blame the other person. Instead, we can go within to see what we are feeling. Below the anger is hurt. And the hurt is what we want to feel. The hurt could come from feelings that we're not enough, not loveable or that we're unseen. If we don’t feel Loved, significant or like we are enough, we feel hurt. And instead of feeling the hurt and taking new action to correct the hurt emotion, we get angry and then project that on others. I’m not suggesting that this is a passive thing and that action should not be taken.

The kind of action that will change your life and eventually the world is NOT unconsciously angry action. No - but rather, conscious, loving action with awareness. And being understanding doesn’t mean you are a pushover. No, it means you take responsibility for your life - which means consciously choosing your actions. Being understanding includes standing up for yourself. But it also means taking responsibility for your current circumstances - no matter what is going on in the world. This great reversal is one of the major lessons we are being asked to learn in this lifetime. It’s here, today, for us to learn and integrate! So, can you celebrate and learn from those who anger you!? Do you have THAT MUCH COMPREHENSION?
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