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Title: Rebirthing into a new year.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The Solution Based Recovery Group Rebirthing into a new year.Recovering threw the power of our program, not our wounded status. The wou...
The Solution Based Recovery Group
Rebirthing into a new year.Recovering threw the power of our program, not our wounded status. The wounds of our addiction only identify our dysfunctional behaviour they have become the rash of our disease, not the solution to our problem within our recovery. The fundamental truth of this statement brought me to a spiritual rebirthing a shedding of the past.

Our wounds emotional and psychical do not define us, they only identify where we have come from. They are not a label or a badge we have to wear, they belong to our past and do not define our future unless we want them too.The constant unpicking of the scabs of our old behaviours can regenerate the festering maggots of low self esteem that locked us into our disease. Imagine setting the intention to create primary recovery in our lives that support and encourage us to life within our newly found power with the use of Step three – CONSCIOUSLY. I think this has always been an unconscious desire of mine, but those words hold a lot of power and understanding of our program, acceptance at depth that the battle is finally over against our selfishness, resentments and coming to the realisation that I have finally lost.That the program is the new beginning its our ground zero on which we build. Bonding over the pain doesn't help us and getting angry or jealous when the other person starts to step into their power of their recovery doesn't help us. Have you done that?

I know I have, many times.I didn't know the answer to my problem so I keep identifying with the wounds.I couldn't get into my power.All those inspirational speaker tapes I listened to rarely did they speak of rebirth most centred on the wounded soul. When you bond over your wounds only, eventually it feels like you are walking on eggshells in your recovery. If you feel this way, then we can safely say you have not bonded over your power and thus not attracted a recovery that supports and encourages you to live within that power in your life. The flip-side of this desire is that we must also celebrate, support and encourage ourselves to live within the power of our recovery finding the will of that higher power, the power of our recovery in all aspects of our life. And THAT can be a difficult place to be.

If we live in our power, we have less certainty around what will possibly happen in our lives. Less predictability. We have a feeling of loss of control, unmanageability Step two.We have to learn to trust. If we support someone else’s power they might get more attention than us, which can feel threatening to our self dominated life. The ego suffers we have to do less shouting and more listening, It takes a bold and confident person a person with high self-esteem to bond over each other’s power and encourage the fullness in other persons in the fellowships or in the outside world away from our sometimes cosy recovery. Remember, time and time again, that other people are not the source of our recovery in the program.

Its the higher power that fills us from within. We fill ourselves by loving ourselves. We fill ourselves by taking care of ourselves. We fill ourselves by choosing to surround ourselves with loving people and keeping high standards around who we give the privilege of our time to. We also fill ourselves by getting our eyes off of ourselves, our wounds and being of service to others. We reach out a helping hand to those in need with no expectation of return. We fill ourselves by doing meditation and prayer. Not by a constant examination of those old wounded tattoos. . So, my question for you today is this: is the recovery in your life supporting your power or discouraging your power? Have you bonded over your addiction wounds only, or have you bonded over being in the mutual power of your recovery? Is your recovery set up so you can thrive? Or does the recovery in your life hold you back? Do you dwell on the wounds, Are you addicted to your wounds and not leaving enough space for your recovery. Are you prepared to live in the solution and not your wounded soul.
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