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Title: Living life authentically and taking steps to manifest our recovery
Author: Fraser Trevor
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THE RESTORATION TO SANITY SOCIETY Living life authentically and taking steps to manifest our recovery doesn’t happen by only taking actio...
Living life authentically and taking steps to manifest our recovery doesn’t happen by only taking action when we WANT to. I sometimes have this belief that I should only have to do something if I WANT TO DO IT. But when I think about it, if I only did things when I wanted to do them, I wouldn’t get much done. I wouldn’t write daily. I wouldn’t be trying to tell the truth as much as possible instead of playing it cool. You see, there’s a difference between what our egos “want us to do” and what our our recovery is YEARNING for us to do. And between those two places is an internal struggle.There is a constant struggle inside of me as to which way to go. And I’m learning more and more to listen to my intuition instead of my ego. So when I say that our recovery come true when we take action, even though we don’t want to, what I really mean is, we must take action based on what our recovery is YEARNING for us to do, despite what the ego tells us.

The ego LOVES separation and entitlement. “Not my problem… it’s their fault… I shouldn’t have to deal with this AGAIN, why can’t anybody do it right, why am I the only one who feels my pain, who am I to trust myself, other people know better,” etc., etc., etc. These are not thoughts of the recovery; they are thoughts of the ego. So, we want to get in TUNE with the thoughts of our intuition and choose recovery thoughts over ego thoughts one step at a time. One moment at a time. We Love our egos because we need them, but the goal is to let our recovery be in charge. When the ego is the servant of our recovery, MAGIC happens; when the addiction servant the ego, we dry up and the juice of life is gone. Recovery loves service, humility, hard work, dedication, self-approval and self-trust, listening to Guidance from The Higher Power which Whispers to us, taking action even though we don’t feel like it, getting up and trying again, not blaming but taking responsibility for the outcome of our lives, empathy, and having the willingness to dig in and get our hands dirty instead of leaving our recovery up to someone else. This is the path of recovery. Not blame. Not entitlement. Not separation. But REAL Understanding, by example, not through entitlement or ego. Basically, our recovery need us to get over ourselves.

Our recovery life need us to take responsibility for it. Our recovery need us to SHOW UP even when we don’t feel like it. Recovery is fragile at first and needs R&R tender Loving care. Recovery's take time and are often tests of Faith. Let’s meet the test!

We live in a world where we can download an app and have the perfect food delivered to us in less than 20 minutes from the time we downloaded the app, or we can Tweet/Facebook the world in moments or we can send a text and get an immediate response. But all this immediacy doesn’t apply to our recovery. So, I’m still working to drop the egos entitlement and make my ego’s desires the servant of my recovery. It takes time. Can we keep the faith and do one more to recover today? I’m doing my best. Are you?
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