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Title: Keeping an open mind is one of the true keys to happiness and success in the program.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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THE SALTBURN RECOVERY COMMUNITY Keeping an open mind is one of the true keys to happiness and success in the program. "everyone is...
Keeping an open mind is one of the true keys to happiness and success in the program. "everyone is a beginner to their next step in recovery"... This was so profound to me. It reminds me of the great Zen wisdom, which tells us that the path to enlightenment begins with the beginners mind. Or the Christian wisdom, which reminds us that if we wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must think like a child.

When you are new, like a baby, you are flexible and open. Being stiff is a sign of old age and death. This has nothing to do with age. Flexibility and openness are a choice. You can be stiff in a young body or flexible in an old body. But, if we are to engage life and learn, grow, give, share and rip away the layers and beliefs that hold us back from being simply ourselves, newness is the key. How do you be new? If you ever hear the voice that says, "I know this already" - you are being stiff (aka dead). If you ever hear the voice that says, "All men or women are (fill in the blank)" you are being stiff (aka dead). If you hear the voice that says, "I'll never be, do or have (fill in the blank) - you are being dead. This list goes on and on. The goal is to renew our mind through prayer, meditation, yoga, community and purpose, so that each and every moment, we are open and available to life and The Higher Power being new.

In this state of openness and receptivity, we actually allow ourselves to be reborn. We are reborn out of the death of the thoughts that held us back. We are reborn to be able to be in a new life in recovery. In my opinion, one of the greatest spiritual commandments is, "Behold, I make all things new." We are starting to see that the nature of reality is far different than we could ever imagine. At the smallest level, particles are appearing and disappearing so fast, we can't notice them. But literally in every moment, we are brand new beings. The world is brand new - disappearing and reappearing. But - what remains stiff, inflexible and dead are the beliefs and patterns that prevent us from feeling or experiencing this newness.

Our life has changed because our mind changed in the steps. Because I believed it was possible, even though I didn't know HOW it was possible. Our job is not to know how. Our job is to be open, receptive and focus on why. Why must I change? Because if I don't, I will miss out on your beauty, love, success, excitement, family, friends, connecting to your higher power, being of service and truly being able to give my gift of recovery. I didn't feel that it was possible, but I did my best to believe it was possible and, no matter how much my heart ached, to know that it could be reborn brand new. Perhaps not all at once, but perhaps slowly over time. I wanted to find out if it was possible or not.It is.........but its taken me over thirty years. I will not give that change or renewal up many have died to allow me to have the choice of change.
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