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Title: Fourth Dimension Program: Living in an AWAKENED state
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The Evolutionary Children of the Fourth Dimension Fourth Dimension Program: Living in an AWAKENED state is an inner effort. It is more or...
The Evolutionary Children of the Fourth Dimension
Fourth Dimension Program: Living in an AWAKENED state is an inner effort. It is more or less invisible to anyone watching you. It is so simple that it often missed. All you do is hold your attention in the present moment, while keeping all thoughts about the past and the future at bay. You see and listen to what is around you and keep your concentration on that. You realise, ‘I am here, in this place.’ But at same time being present is more than repeating to yourself, ‘I am here.’ It is not thinking; it is an attempt to create an awareness that is separate from thought. It is an effort to bring your attention to what is happening to you in this moment. Just as an experiment stop reading for a moment and try to see and feel everything around you with all the intensity you can muster, and after you have succeeded, go back to reading, and while you read, try to continue to be aware of your surroundings.

Read and at the same time try to be aware of the position your body is in and the room where you sit. You don’t have to see the room; just be aware that it’s there and that you’re sitting in it. What you will probably find is that after a short time you will forget about your surroundings and become engrossed in reading. There are reasons why this happens, and the more you understand these reasons, the more you will be able to keep your attention on being present. This is the first principle of being present: the more you understand about yourself and about how you interact with the world, the more you will be able to be present. I remember the first time I first read about being present. I was in the bedroom of a school friend. I must have been eighteen, nineteen at the most. This friend and I traded books back and forth. That afternoon he had given me a book he had just finished when his father had called him out of the room. While I waited for him to return, I opened the book at random and read a section that described the practice of being present. The first thought that occurred to me was, ‘But I do this all the time.’ I was ready to dismiss the idea, when something in me stopped. Then for a moment I tried to be present, to really concentrate on being present. I remember looking out the window. It was a winter afternoon. There was snow on the ground and the sky was grey. The neighbourhood was nothing special, a middle class, suburban neighbourhood. The roofs of the neighbour’s houses were white from the snow. A car was making it way cautious down the street. The scene in front of me seemed somehow significant in a way I couldn’t understand. It occurred to me that I had made a remarkable discovery, but exactly what that discovery was or what it meant to me was not clear. For next few days I tried to think about that moment and about being present, and I read the book. I wish I could say that I started from that day to make consistent efforts to be present, but I didn’t. It would take a number of years before I would come to understand the necessity of a day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment practice of being present. I had the idea, but not the understanding of it.
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