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THE SALTBURN RECOVERY CLUB  on Facebook THE RECOVERY CLUB FORMATION: SALTBURN-BY-THE-SEA Meeting. We are open to all and have only one sp...
THE RECOVERY CLUB FORMATION: SALTBURN-BY-THE-SEA Meeting. We are open to all and have only one specific objective that we centre on the solution, not on the problem or behaviour. The common solution from the original Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is what we use. We can talk in restaurants, coffee shops, parks or the beach we are not tied to a specific area, but we need to be able to come together in an organised way. We can use SKYPE or
FACEBOOK any other internet method of talking together. The meetings whilst being informal do not use crosstalk allowing an open disciplined forum for discussion. The groups do not complete for membership and anyone family or friends can come, we are a friendship grouping who talk about the common solution to our problems and behaviour. We are spiritually based but allow full spiritual freedom to all. The intention is to offer support in a trusting environment that is fear free. A fear free zone of trust and consent. Blame and fear have no part within our friendships. We have no sponsors, mentors or leaders. We are free to meet in different places and different times as long as the membership are informed within forty eight hours. A meeting can be two people in a coffee shop or twenty people on a beach.We meet during the day sometimes we meet outside, we can walk together in a place of peace and serenity.
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