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Title: We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And this is true.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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One thing I've found in the personal growth world is that many of us tend to focus so much on the spiritual side of things that we fo...
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One thing I've found in the personal growth world is that many of us tend to focus so much on the spiritual side of things that we forget to be human.
 I think that personal growth, spiritual work and walking on The path of recovery are not really about being more spiritual. I think they are about being more human.
 I used to think it was about being more spiritual, but that's not what I am thinking and feeling today. Because, at the end of the day, what does being more spiritual mean? To me, it means simply to be more Loving. It doesn't mean to be more right, or more in charge or more anything other than more loving.
 And when we are more Loving, towards ourselves and others, then the direct result of this is to become more recovered in our humanity. When we Love ourselves and have compassion towards ourselves, we have more Love and compassion for others.
 This makes us more human. This takes away the separation and allows us to step into Oneness where we focus on and celebrate what unites us and love, but not condemn what makes us different.
 So, instead of trying to measure ourselves against some spiritual standard of achievement of how we should be and beating ourselves up for what and who we aren't, I truly believe it's about being more compassionate and, as a result, being more human. After all, why would spiritual beings choose to exist in human form other than to experience the joy, ecstasy and total amazingness of giving, receiving and being love and empathy?
 This means honouring our emotions. Learning from them. Not making them wrong.Not making ourselves wrong for always needing to learn. Not making ourselves wrong for not always getting it right. Not making ourselves wrong for our mistakes. Not making ourselves wrong for having our dark side and fear ., it is about accepting, loving and knowing that all these things are what make us human. And when we LOVE, ACCEPT and EMBRACE these, we raise our recovery (that is to say, feel better) and that new vibration emanates outward into the world and people can see it working inside us, instead of needing to prove anything to anybody.
 To me, this is what the spiritual journey is all about - becoming more human.
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