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Title: SBR: A Leap of Faith in Recovery
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The quality of our life is the quality of our relationship to uncertainty in recovery. It can be really, really, really scary to face ...
The quality of our life is the quality of our relationship to uncertainty in recovery.

It can be really, really, really scary to face uncertainty. And yet, if we are going to grow, if we are going to progress in our recovery – this is a truth about life that we must come to terms with.

The question then becomes – how can you inspire yourself to step into uncertainty?

Most of us do not do it willingly. We need some kind of leverage. Some good reason to invoke the pain and fear of uncertainty.

I’ve found that there is a way to face uncertainty to find this really good reason. And it’s not what you might think.

Most people are not motivated to do things just for themselves. Self-focused journeys lack juice and fulfillment.

And yet – many people spend a lot of their time pursuing goals because they just want the outer success or importance.

But – I’ve seen that when your success and your sense of self-importance is what drives your actions; there is very little energy behind it. Living for just yourself is a bad deal.

When the pain, when the blocks, when the setbacks come and keep coming – eventually you get worn down by them.

There has to be a better reason, something worth fighting for, something worth being scared for, something worth facing your fears for.

And I can tell you; it’s not just you.

To face uncertainty with more grace and faith – it’s vital that we link our efforts into the unknown with some kind of service towards others.

A hero doesn’t go on a quest just for the sake of the hero, the hero must return home and benefit the community; otherwise there is no meaning to the hero’s quest.
The same is true for you.

When you think about starting a new business. When you think about leaving a toxic relationship. When you think about leaving your job. When you think about doing anything new that scares you – what cause, what idea greater than yourself can you link your action to?

Who or what beyond yourself are you taking action for?

When you nail this, it makes facing the fear of uncertainty a lot more bearable. It won’t take away the fear, but it will give you the courage to face it.

So, I ask you – what are you living for beyond yourself? Within the twelve steps we fulfill our contract with the higher power to do his will which takes some of the fears of uncertaintity from us and tests our faith within the program.
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