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Title: Smokers Anonymous – 12-Step Smoking Support Group
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Smokers Anonymous – 12-Step Smoking Support Group : "Admit you are powerless over your addiction, and your life has become unmanageabl...
Smokers Anonymous – 12-Step Smoking Support Group: "Admit you are powerless over your addiction, and your life has become unmanageable.
Believe that there is a higher power who can help put your life back on track.
Make the decision to turn yourself over to God.
Take a moral inventory of yourself and acknowledge your good and bad traits.
Admit to God, others and yourself that you are not perfect.
Ask God to remove the bad traits in your character.
Ask God to change you and remove your anxiety, fears, dishonesty and anything else that might be considered a shortcoming.
Compose a list of everyone you may have hurt in the past and what you can do to make things right.
Go to each person you have hurt and ask for forgiveness.
Continue to take personal inventory of yourself every day.
Pray and meditate regularly and ask for God's will in your life.
Help teach these same principals to others who are trying to recover from addiction."

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