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Title: Who am I?
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Who am I? That is a wonderful question... Well, my friend, my question for you today is... is there a person inside of you that you a...
Who am I?

That is a wonderful question... Well, my friend, my question for you today is... is there a person inside of you that you are holding back? Is there a person inside of you that wasn’t allowed to come out and be seen when you were younger, or even still today? Is there a way of being that if you were to actually embrace and step into would totally upset the balance of your life at this moment? Is there a passionate, eager, yearning soul inside of you that is dying to come out? Let’s give that part of you a name.

What’s the name of this part of you? Giving it a name helps you get in touch with it.
This part of you was probably not allowed to come out as a child. It’s a part of you that doesn’t follow the rules, doesn’t draw within the lines, that likes to have fun, be passionate, take risks and step out into the unknown. This is your powerful Self, a higher version of you that is dying to be born. What’s its name?

Can we make a commitment to each other to let this part of our selves run the show? Can we step into more of our authentic selves? Can we die to our fears, self-judgment and doubts and just let our highest self shine? It might be weird, uncomfortable, not what the tribe wants, not what society wants, but what of it?

This part of you is the energetic, alive, thriving being that, when fully expressed and realised is your inner rockstar, your inner god or goddess, your unique expression to the world, and this part of you comes bearing gifts for the rest of us to receive.
This part of you, when allowed out, is what will help to change the world. When we give ourselves permission to be who we really are, magic happens. Not someday, not tomorrow, not next year - NOW!

Send your fear on vacation and let your highest self drive the ship! What new actions, decisions and changes would you make? What is life about for this highest version of yourself and where have you been settling in your life? Does this authentic version of yourself have a new standard, new promises and new commitments that it wants you to make? Is there a leap of faith that it’s calling you to take? Do you have the courage and passion to step into this version of yourself NOW?

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