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Fraser Trevor Fraser Trevor Author
Title: We are constantly creating a myriad of space/time realities within us.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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What holds us together is an identity that must express itself and it has requirements that must be fulfilled to live, to be healthy. O...

What holds us together is an identity that must express itself and it has requirements that must be fulfilled to live, to be healthy. One such requirement is a self-expression that comes from acting in concert with this identity, a fundamental, absolutely essential-to-life necessity for self-initiating, expression of your one-of-kind, never-to-be again, identity. 

Such action or sets of actions are essential living processes within each and all life forms that must be allowed, supported, nourished, and expressed for a healthy, coherent life. To fulfil this identity is your purpose for being. When you make choices against this integrity, you suffer. Much depression and illness can be traced to such compromise.

You are born with an internal organisation that is absolutely invariant and does not change. This is your identity. This organisation specifies how you will individually function. You have this life opportunity to fulfil your identity’s intention and only you can know how to be that identity that you are.

How do you do that, you may be asking? There are an infinite number of ways to be you. Each act fills you out like a bloom opening more and more fully each day. You get to choose over and over again which act works for you and which ones don’t. Again, you may ask how do I know what works for me?

When you act in accordance with this identity, you feel like you’ve taken right action for you. Your body/mind feels peace and cent-redness. When you act against this organisation, your body/mind will experience stress, tension, and if it continues long enough, illness will ensue. We are like a seed that cannot become anything but what it is destined to become. It needs a nourishing environment to grow to into a healthy manifestation of what it is. The same is true for you and me as human beings.

Through our body/mind awareness we can know what to do to fulfil these identity requirements.

Why do so many people not know this nor know how to listen to their body/minds? It’s because we’re taught to fulfil outside expectations.

However, the only way we can know anything is from inside out. We can sense the body/mind connection to this myriad of space/time realities that form between the organisation of our identity and what we choose to create with it. The only way to know how to fulfil yourself is by what you sense from this “felt sense” experience. From there you can know how to bridge the gap between who you are and what demands are being made of you from outside. Trying to fulfil what you perceive is being demanded of you by others is an ungrounded fool’s game that can only lead to misery and ultimately illness. Without this connection to your identity, you are like a ship without a keel in a stormy sea. You become tossed around until you sink from the despair of trying to realise something, but don’t even know what it is.

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