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Fraser Trevor Fraser Trevor Author
Title: Gunga Din and The Addiction Ambush
Author: Fraser Trevor
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How many things bothered you already this morning? You also have a sensing that there is an answer to it. There is. Recovery exists. High...
Gunga Din (film)

How many things bothered you already this morning? You also have a sensing that there is an answer to it. There is. Recovery exists. Higher Power exists. Find the answer. I’ll give you an illustration.

There’s a movie that some of you probably saw – Gunga Din. One of the old-fashioned rousing adventure stories. All famous actors and actresses in it. It has everything. It’s a movie well directed. The director must have had a checklist alongside him that said I am going to put everything in there, even a little humor. And it has concealed spiritual and moral truths in it too.

Gunga Din, from a poem by Rudyard Kipling, is about a water boy who accompanies the British troops when Britain ruled India. And Gunga Din was this very small pathetic sort of young man. At the same time, he had a secret wish to be a British soldier. And he would get off by himself and practice rifle drill and marching around. And the soldiers would help him.

Toward the end there’s a great climatic scene. Gunga Din was captured along with some other British soldiers and kept in a tower by the religious fanatical sect. The tower was a trap. The fanatics were surrounding the tower, waiting for the British troops to come through a pass. And when they came through, they would be ambushed and destroyed.

Follow the story because if you remember the story, you will remember the lesson.

Gunga Din, although badly wounded, saw the British troops coming through the pass at a distance, walking right into the trap set by the forces of evil.

And the movie went on with great direction and great drama. Hurt badly, but he took his bugle, put it over his back and painfully, inch by inch, climbed up the top of the dome. On and up he climbed, and alternating, of course, showing the troops walking right to their destruction if they kept going, not knowing that they were walking into a trap.

Gunga Din finally got to the top and he painfully put the bugle to his lips and sounded the brass. And the British heard it and immediately were alerted and dispersed and didn’t walk into the trap.

What about the lesson in that?

What are we talking about? Why did I tell you tell the story? I’ll tell you why I tell you the story. How many of you have had that experience, and you didn’t hear the bugle sound, did you? And you walked into it and you got hurt. You were ambushed. And then you did it again, right? And again and again. Now thats Addiction.
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