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Title: SBR: One of the greatest obstacles to working the steps is pride and denial.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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 The need to be right is one of the largest blocks to Love, to Growth and to intimacy. The member of the fellowship skips threw the firs...
Bhadriraju Krishnamurti
 The need to be right is one of the largest blocks to Love, to Growth and to intimacy. The member of the fellowship skips threw the first step without realising its the program, the other steps just consolidate the first.
This need for pride and denial is based in fear and is of the ego. One of my favorite philosophers, Krishnamurti, says the key to happiness is "not minding what happens."

This isn't to say that we shouldn't care or that we should be lazy. On the contrary, this is a call to care, to give it our all, but to surrender the outcome.

Our pride wants us to be right. Our pride wants us to be first.

Our pride cannot admit when we're wrong. Our pride is terrified of opening up and loving. Our pride loves to be in control.

If we instead look at life, not from a place of lack that requires us to control our limited resources, but as a journey into dissolving our fears, we can let go. And as Krishnamurti says, not mind what happens.

We can detach from the outcome. We cannot take insults personally. We cannot let how much money we do or do not have define us. We cannot let success define us. We can let go of the need of the approval of other people. When we don't mind what happens, we can step into simply being ourselves and sharing.

We can detach from the fearful need to be right and instead step into an intention and the action of sharing. We begin to value growth over protection of our beliefs. We are now willing to drop a belief when we come across a deeper truth.

We see the value in not needing to defend our position, but understand our fellow Seekers and share from a place of feeling, rather than report from a place of judgment.

We are being called to grow. We are asking for insight, so we must be willing to admit when we are wrong
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