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Title: Children are born believing that they can be and do anything
Author: Fraser Trevor
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  Children are born believing that they can be and do anything until life begins to happen to them, we are also all born with the belie...
 Children are born believing that they can be and do anything until life begins to happen to them, we are also all born with the belief that we are deserving of love until we experience something that makes us feel otherwise.

From as young as the age of 6 we can begin to feel incapable and unloved as a result of the things that happen to us and as we begin to experience life.

These "things" that happen to us is what I have categorized into the main causes of low self esteem.

Something negative is done or said to us in our childhood i.e. verbal, sexual or physical abuse

One of the causes of low self esteem is when you go through some kind of abuse. For example, the abuse can be verbal in the form of criticisms. It might be your parents or other people like teachers, family members, friends, peers etc saying negative things to you as you grew up and as a result, those negative things they said to you have shaped the way you see and feel about yourself.

If you've been told that you are ugly, useless, incapable, stupid, foolish, over and over again, and you grew up hearing those things about yourself, you eventually end up believing it and it damages your self esteem, you begin to feel like there is something wrong with you and it affects your life, your relationships, and your ability to pursue your dreams.

Other causes of low self esteem that fall into this category also include physical and sexual abuse, as well as not being shown affection and love and being abandoned as a child.

When you are physically or sexually abused, beaten, punched, thrown down the stairs, raped, molested etc, it makes you start to question yourself, you feel like "if I'm a person of worth, why I'm I being treated like this, I must not be worth much" it crushes you on the inside, it destroys your spirit and damages your confidence and the way you see yourself.

You might even blame yourself for the abuse and think you deserved it; low self esteem will make you feel like it was your fault.

Or if you were neglected by your parents, may be you were raised by your mother and have never known your father, you could start to feel unloved and wonder why your father never wanted you, you begin to feel like what's so wrong with me that he didn't want to stick around.

These are some of the root causes of low self esteem which can follow us into adulthood and have a negative impact on different areas of our lives.

Misinterpreting what someone has said or done to us.

The second category of causes of low self esteem is misinterpreting events and things that people have said to us.
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