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Title: 90 Tools for Solution Based Recovery
Author: Fraser Trevor
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90 Tools for Solution Based Recovery Stay away from that first drink, taking the 1st step daily. Attend meetings regularly and get inv...
90 Tools for Solution Based Recovery
  1. Stay away from that first drink, taking the 1st step daily.
  2. Attend meetings regularly and get involved.
  3. Progress is made ONE DAY AT A TIME.
  4. Use the 24 Hour plan.
  5. Remember, your disease is incurable, progressive and fatal.
  6. Do 1st things 1st!.
  7. Don't become too tired.
  8. Eat at regular hours.
  9. Use the telephone. Hello?
  10. Be active - don't just sit around. Idle time will kill you.
  11. Use the Serenity Prayer.
  12. Change old routines and patterns.
  13. Don't become too hungry.
  14. Avoid loneliness.
  15. Practice control of your anger.
  16. Air your resentments.
  17. Be willing to help whenever needed.
  18. Be good to yourself, you deserve it.
  19. Easy does it.
  20. Get out of the "IF ONLY" trap.
  21. Remember HOW IT WAS. Your last drunk, the feelings etc.
  22. Be aware of your emotions.
  23. Help another in his/her recovery, extend your hand, listen.
  24. Try to turn your life and your will over to your Higher Power.
  25. Avoid all mood-altering drugs, read labels on all medicines.
  26. Turn loose of old ideas.
  27. Avoid drinking situations/occasions.
  28. Replace old drinking buddies with new recovery buddies.
  29. Read the Big Book.
  30. Try not to be dependent on another (sick relationships..
  31. Be grateful and when not make a GRATITUDE list.
  32. Get off the "Pity Pot"...the only thing you'll get is a ring around your ass and numb feet .
  33. Seek knowledgeable help when troubled and or otherwise.
  34. Face it! You are powerless over alcohol.
  35. Try the 12 and 12, not just 1 and 12 or 1, 12 and 13!
  36. Let go and Let God.
  37. Use the God bag and the answers: yes, no or wait I have something better in store for you.
  38. Don't forget to say thanks.
  39. Find courage to change through the example of others who have.
  40. Don't try to test your will power - Have diarrhea? Try willpower.
  41. Live TODAY, not YESTERDAY, not TOMORROW - projection is planning the results before anything even happens.
  42. Avoid new emotional involvements the first year - you end up putting the other person first and lose sight of "your" program.
  43. Remember alcohol is - cunning, baffling and powerful.
  44. Rejoice in the manageability of your new life.
  45. Be humble--Humility is not in thinking of your self more, but in thinking more of yourself less often.
  46. Watch your ego.
  47. Share your experience, strength and hope.
  48. Cherish your recovery.
  49. Dump your garbage regularly
  50. Get plenty of "restful" sleep.
  51. Stay sober for you - not someone else - otherwise it won't work.
  52. Practice rigorous honesty with yourself and others.
  53. Progress is made ONE DAY AT A TIME, not 10 years in one day!
  54. Make no major life decisions the first year.
  55. Get a sponsor and use him/her. (not just selectively share..
  56. Know that no matter what your problems, someone's had them before.
  57. Don't be afraid to share.
  58. Strive for progress not perfection.
  59. When in doubt ask questions. The only stupid question is the one not asked.
  60. You weren't afraid to speak before, so why start now?
  61. Use prayer and meditation...not just pillow talk, get on those knees. Put your shoes under the bed just in case someone's looking.
  62. Maintain a balance: spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.
  63. Don't take yourself so seriously- take the disease seriously!
  64. Learn to take spot check inventories.
  65. Watch out for the RED FLAGS or "triggers" ... things that give excuses for poor behavior and inevitable relapse.
  66. Know that it's okay to be human ... just don't drink over it.
  67. Be kind to yourself; it's about time, don't you think?
  68. Don't use other substances as a maintenance program.
  69. Know that whatever it is that's causing pain - it shall pass.
  70. Stay as away from the DRY DRUNK SYNDROME as humanly as possible.
  71. Don't give away more than you can afford to, your sobriety comes first and must be the number 1 priority. Protect it at all costs.
  72. Take down those bricks from the walls around you; you'll be able to see the daylight better. Let people know who you are.
  73. Get a home group and attend it regularly.
  74. Know that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train, but actually a ray of hope. Drop the negativity.
  75. Know that you are not alone, that's why the "We" is in the steps.
  76. Be willing to go to any lengths to stay and be sober.
  77. Know that no matter how bleak and dark your past may be, your future is clean, bright and clear if you don't drink today.
  78. Stay out of your own way.
  79. Don't be in a hurry--remember "TIME = Things I Must Earn".
  80. Watch the EGO. "EGO = Ease God Out".
  81. Protect your sobriety at all costs. Keep the light on you.
  82. Learn to listen, not just hear. Be open-minded and nonjudgmental.
  83. Know that if your insides match your outsides, everyone looks good.
  84. If the rest of the world looks bad, check yourself out first.
  85. Gratitude is in the attitude.
  86. When all else fails ... just don't drink. Up the number of meetings!!!
  88. Remember FINE = Fouled up, Insecure/insane, Neurotic and Emotionally imbalanced...watch the FINE.
  89. Handle what you can and leave the rest, don't overtax yourself. You can only accomplish so much in a given 24 hours.
  90. Honesty and consistency are key factors in recovery.
    Let the little kid in you out - learn how to laugh from the gut.
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