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Title: You are outside of this world – you’ve stepped out of the mirror.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The mind usually objects when a new event doesn’t fit the concept that it created. It has to be the other way round from now on. Whenever ...
The mind usually objects when a new event doesn’t fit the concept that it created. It has to be the other way round from now on. Whenever your mind shows its dissatisfaction with these deviations of scenario, you should wake up and accept this changer: everything is going on as it has to. The mind cannot come to terms with the idea that at the start of the way, when nothing is yet known, there is no need to care about the means. It can’t but notice itself that it is thinking how this could happen and plays all the negative scripts. And you really want to say: “Can’t you realize, this is none of your concern, idiot! Just fix attention on the ultimate purpose!”

People think of something and don’t let it happen themselves. Making a wish your mind always works out a draft plan of what is ahead – this is how our brain works. When something unexpected occurs, it seems everything goes wrong. Quite the opposite in fact: everything is as it needs to be! Because the mind which is used to clichéd thinking doesn’t want to make any corrections in the script it wrote, people start doing things that spoil the whole picture.

This is the paradox. No one can know for certain what exactly will happen to materialize your order. If one insists on knowing, though, nothing will work in the end. Your dreams seem hard to fulfill, because you are trapped by clichés and simply don’t let these dreams come true. Your doors are locked by stereotypes.

Create the desired image in your thoughts – the purpose, and then just walk, step by step, towards it. No matter what happens is done to implement your order. Take the intention of the Ruler: everything is going well because I ordered so. In my world I do whatever I want. I am not dependent on the rules, but at the same time I am not trying to influence them. When rewinding a target slide, I am not forming the circumstances; I am creating the picture of the world I intend to live in. The efforts to influence the events belong to the inner intention of the mind trying to impose its own scenario. The mind can’t know what there is on the way to the aim. Circumstances are formed by the outer intention and the flow of variations. My task is to direct the vector, but I don’t care what particular path it will go.

Imagine: one day you wake up in your mirror dreaming. Something is happening around. The ordinary events and scenery, but you look at all this with new eyes, as if you broke out of the flow of events and found yourself in the centre of an enormous spherical mirror. A giant kaleidoscope slowly rotates around you, and the sides of reality are shimmering. You are part of this reality and at the same time you exist separately, independently. The same thing happens when you wake up in your dream and realize that it is the dream that depends on you. Mirror “dreaming awake” is similar too, with the only difference: reality doesn’t react so quickly. But as soon as you learn to accept this slowness, you’ll discover amazing things – reality flexibly changes, following your thoughts. What does all this mean? Where are you now?

You are outside of this world – you’ve stepped out of the mirror.

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