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Title: Transurfing is the technology for controlling reality.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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“Reality Transurfing”, a new book by Vadim Zeland, will undoubtedly cause a lot of debate as it is hard to think of a book with such shoc...
2 Hell with Common Sense
“Reality Transurfing”, a new book by Vadim Zeland, will undoubtedly cause a lot of debate as it is hard to think of a book with such shocking and innovative ideas.

The book opens a bizarre world where everyday reality reveals facets which you are not familiar with. Many issues of day-to-day life are perceived in an absolutely new way.We all, in one way or another, find ourselves trapped by circumstances. Desires go unfulfilled, dreams never come true, whereas our worst expectations justify themselves, as if to spite us. Can’t we turn this around? It appears that we can. And you’ll learn how. Transurfing is the technology for controlling reality. You don’t have to “attain your objectives”as everything will happen in accordance with you desires without any effort. All goals are reached without you.

Unbelievable? Well, you won’t be asked to just believe it as the author presents specific methods that allow you to verify everything yourself. And only then will your ordinary way of looking at things fall apart. In spite of the completely fantastic nature of the ideas presented in this book, they have already found practical affirmation. Those who have tried Transurfing, have experienced amazement, verging on ecstasy. The world surrounding transurfers changes in an inexplicable way, literally before their very eyes. And here there is no place for mysticism as everything is absolutely real.

Readers say: “It seems we knew it intuitively before! And here, at long last our gut feelings were put into words and our vague ideas proved.”

“It is a circle of exclusive people that managed to become successful in business, science, art, sport. And nobody is surprised, because we take it for granted. I suggest that you ask yourself: “Why him, why not me? What do I need to enter this circle?” I am not the Wizard of Oz, so I won’t engage in any rituals, I will just give you the answer. You’ve got everything you need. The only thing you have to do is to use it. You are capable of everything, it is just that nobody spoke to you about it. The principles of transurfing will awake your sleeping abilities and open the doors that seemed forever closed. The book tells you about the basic principles of transurfing and their employment.

And here’s something else: In Transurfing everything is turned upside down, from the point of view of common sense. Yet, the same can be said about common sense from the point of view of Transurfing.

If you don’t want to live like everybody else, if you want to accomplish more than “average” results, if you seek to live your life to the full, then you are a Wanderer. A transurfing wanderer is not chosen by the Destiny, . .because it is the Wanderer who chooses the Destiny. You will gain whatever you want to shatter the monolith of common sense. common sense Especially, considering that common “sense” is not that “sensible,” says Vadim Zeland.
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