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Title: The courage to tell the truth is crucial in the addictions.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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 We see the powerful effect of the first of the twelve steps in AA - the admission that one is powerless over alcohol  or drugs - which no...
 We see the powerful effect of the first of the twelve steps in AA - the admission that one is powerless over alcohol  or drugs - which now allows for the capacity to face, cope, handle, and be appropriate. It represents re-empowerment. The world is then seen as an opportunity, and for the first time, there is the benefit of an open mind, and the truth now has a ways to enter the mind. Pride can be utilized to move the person up into Courage and to look at the facts. Doing so provides encouragement to move up to the next position, that of letting go of resisting the facts and being released from that resistance in order to begin to view the world as an okay place. This allows one to utilize and experience inner freedom to explore, expand, and then move up to the willingness to say yes, to join in the exploration, and agree to align with it. The person thus develops the capacity to see the whole rehabilitative proves in a world that is friendly.
Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery programs are then viewed as promising and hopeful, and the person feels that perhaps they will recover. Acceptance is a very powerful energy field where on realized the power to make these decisions. Confidence, a feeling of adequacy, and transformation occur through experiencing that the world is harmonious. On the one hand, it has presented the person with a problem, but on the other hand, it has also provided the answer. That which is a merciful God provides the solution, so although one may have an addiction, there are hundreds of thousands of people around who have found the answers and are only too willing to be helpful.
With surrender, the world begins to look friendly, harmonious, merciful, helpful, and hopeful, and it offers acceptance. With the letting go of the resistance and denial, an energy field oflovingness emerges. The person then commits to an energy field that is healing by joining one of the twelve-step groups whose energy is innately healing.
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