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Title: Self-Love: Letting Go of Your Personal Expectations
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The self improvement world has done a pretty good job of turning personal work into a major economic industry. That's not an all bad t...

The self improvement world has done a pretty good job of turning personal work into a major economic industry. That's not an all bad thing. There are, however, always ways to improve ourselves. The self improvement path is not the spiritual path--at least it isn't any more so the spiritual path than any other path because ultimately all paths are the spiritual path. However, in this world of duality, it can be easy to get lost in trying to constantly improve yourself or become something else. There's this imaginary goal of somehow being perfect, perfectly enlightened, or above all reproach and difficulty in life. That's just so false it makes my teeth ache. On the spiritual path, you can't really learn how to love yourself more. Because the very conditions you've set up around how lovable you are or when it'll be okay to fully love yourself are the problem. There are ways to have even less noise in your mind and to exude more peace and kindness in your energy, but that's not what this is about. There's always another layer to peel away, but that's not what this is about. This is about fully loving yourself simply because you are.

It's a hard one, isn't it. Not because love is hard, but we've created so many systems of the mind and our culture that run counter to it. Could you imagine how useless a lot of advertising would be if we are already complete and whole in ourselves? Could you imagine how unresponsive we'd be to getting the latest gadget, coolest clothes, or whatever? Because advertising is one of many mechanisms that depend on making you think that you're missing something and that you'll be happier or better off or more worthy of your own love and others' love because of this thing you can buy. Jewelry ads are probably the worst as they most directly equate love with a thing. I can't imagine how much money that industry makes off of delusion.

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