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Fraser Trevor Fraser Trevor Author
Title: Anxiety attack or a panic attack goes something like this: a routine behaviour suddenly and emphatically goes rogue.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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 You are driving, you are eating an orange slice, taking a test, conversing at a party, and the moment becomes obstructed by an impossible...
Fear terror eye
 You are driving, you are eating an orange slice, taking a test, conversing at a party, and the moment becomes obstructed by an impossible–not just mental, probably just as much physical–and inimical height. The moment is inexplicably hummocked. You suddenly feel you cannot breathe, that your chest is closing like one of those cavern doors in the Temple of Doom. Or maybe you feel like your brain is drowning in its own rootless connections, all the neurons and synapses gasping acid. This makes you worry if your heart or your brain has some hidden biological defect that doctors have never discovered before, that this may be the end–which makes your brain-drown-lung-clench react even more. You soon realize you’re no longer here, performing the behavior you were just performing–you’re not chewing or listening or conversing anymore–or if you still are, it feels like someone outside yourself doing it. You suddenly feel as though you’ve become an alien to yourself, your circuitous thoughts having taken you to some precipice of ridiculous importance, and you cannot escape. You know you’re thinking/breathing/acting crazy (Are you crazy? Is this how crazy people get their start?) but you cannot find the handle to climb down or the air in your lungs to get free of it.
It is no surprise that taking deep breaths is often the way you do get free of it, that by doing something physical–breathing deeply, pinching your hand, jogging–you tend to chill out, reminding your body that it is still your body. For a while, be it minutes or hours, your mind has punished your body, muzzling it into its own imagination. And it shows: when you “have” anxiety, your blood pressure steeps, your breathing quickens. People are known to pass out, throw up, lose their appetite. You are self-bound, in a sense, encased in weird fear. What has always been described as “everyday”, the mind has lifted to a paralyzing and grotesque apogee–but are you crazy? Are the thoughts all your self-same fictions, or scarier yet, is this fear facing the wrath of Reality? Which one is it?
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