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Title: Want to try an experiment? Solution Based Recovery as it should be.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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"Act As If"-The First Step Toward Faith, Sam Shoemaker wrote as follows: "Want to try an experiment?" I asked. He answ...
"Act As If"-The First Step Toward Faith,
Sam Shoemaker wrote as follows: "Want to try an experiment?" I asked. He answered, "I don't even believe in God, you know." . . . I suggested that we kneel down out of reverence toward the Unknown, and then that he say exactly what he felt- not pretending anything he didn't believe but exposing himself to whatever creative force runs through existence. . . . He got down on his knees . . .and said "O God, if there be a God, send me help now, because I need it. . . . I suggested he read a chapter in the Bible that night before he went to bed-perhaps the third chapter of St. John; and another when he woke up next day-maybe the 12th chapter of St. Luke. I suggested that he come to church Sunday and see whether he could catch anything from the faith of other people. Also that he keep praying. "Keep saying whatever is honest about yourself and your situation to whatever is the Truth behind all creation. I think you'll feel you are being answered." He tried it - intermittently at first, fighting almost every step of the way. But he kept on with the experiment-his need prodded him. . . . And at last he had to admit that something was helping him, for he began sleeping without barbiturates, and his business slowly began to come back. The skeptic was baptized and confirmed, and later became a vestryman of my church. How did this man "get religion?" By acting as if he had faith-until, indeed, there was an opening for God to come through." Solution Based Recovery as it should be.
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