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Title: The happiest man in the world
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Neuroscientists at the University of Wisconsin have found something extraordinary in the brain of a geneticist named Matthieu Ricard. His...
Fran├žais : Matthieu Ricard, philosophe fran├žais
Neuroscientists at the University of Wisconsin have found something extraordinary in the brain of a geneticist named Matthieu Ricard. His brain has produced gamma waves on a level “never before reported in neuroscience.” For researchers, this is big news; the results promoted neuroscientists to conclude that Matthieu was a very happy man. So happy, in fact, that some believe he is almost immune to negativity!
What’s the secret to Matthieu’s conscious success? You guessed it. Meditation! I should also mention that Matthieu doesn’t just have a PhD in genetics; he’s also a Tibetan monk.
The article did have some shortcomings. Although it brings new exposure to the fact that meditation is an extremely valuable exercise for happiness and overall emotional health, it fails to discuss just how important gamma brain waves are for elevated states of consciousness and how all this relates to spiritual bliss.
Naturally I decided to elaborate for you.
The gamma brain wave state of consciousness is synonymous with extreme mental acuity. In addition, gamma brainwaves produce feelings of bliss. They almost work as a sort of an anti-depressant, boosting empathy and compassion. There are many physical benefits to this heightened state of consciousness as well.
To break it down for you a little more, let’s look at some brainwave frequencies that we all exhibit during a typical 24-hour period:
Delta:                    0.5Hz – 4Hz                         Deep Sleep
Theta:                   4Hz – 8Hz                             Drowsiness
Alpha:                   8Hz-14Hz                             Relaxed but alert
Beta:                     14Hz – 30Hz                        Highly alert and focused
So what about Gamma? Some neuroscientists consider gamma frequency to begin at 24Hz and do not really distinguish it from Beta. But this is all changing. Most would agree that at the high end of beta brain waves, precognition, clarity, and perception is acute. But now many neuroscientists are jumping on the bandwagon and looking more into Gamma frequency because studies on long-term mediators has shown profound results: during explosions of high-level information processing, your brain is operating in the Gamma state which is more along the lines of 40Hz.
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