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Title: Any time we have a concern, worry, or expectation that something’s going to be difficult, we should use The Golden Key.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The Golden Key is to be used in times of crisis – when we are still attracting under the law of cause and effect and have attracted o...
Three Golden Keys
The Golden Key is to be used in times of crisis – when we are still attracting under the law of cause and effect and have attracted or created a situation where we need immediate and miraculous help. It works in cases of turmoil in personal relationships that have turned sour, business events that have seemingly failed, or even health issues that are life threatening. Nothing is too difficult for the simple technique of advanced metaphysics.
Any time we have a concern, worry, or expectation that something’s going to be difficult, we should use The Golden Key. Whatever ideas come up in a crisis situation are ones that we have established by our own fears and feelings of limitation. Every time you have a thought like that, use The Golden Key.
Miracles come from the practice of putting God in the midst of situations – this will diffuse anything negative that’s been added to it. We create a problem with our doubts and questions. When we have something that crops up, it’s because we have believed in delay, limitations, barriers, blocks – all negative. Don’t believe in any of those.
The only barrier that you have is the one that you believe in, the one that you have set up for yourself.
The Golden Key is simple but we try to make it more difficult. It’s a way for people who have no knowledge of metaphysics to understand that they can make things happen before they even get to that point of clearing their awareness of all their old belief systems.
The Golden Key uses the “God Is’s”.
“God is…” and then you attach the word that’s pertinent. Add them until you remove that doubt from your mind. Take your mind off the problem and put it on God (whatever your name for “God” is). This is one of the most difficult things to do because we’ve been taught that we’re supposed to worry. We’re supposed to be concerned.
God is joy. God is harmony. God is power. God is love. God is peace. God is understanding. God is strength, health and happiness. God is air and water. God is everything I see. God is everything I know and understand. God is the wisdom of the universe.
Your “God Is’s” will dissipate any seeming obstacle that you have, any problem, any personality in your life that is giving you a hard time.
The Golden Key takes away whatever doubts or questions you have about yourself and your capabilities. “All things that I do in my life are easy. They’re mine to do, and I choose to do them in a very easy way. I do not accept that success and personal growth are difficult.”
Don’t tell people about problems.
The more people you have thinking about your problem and giving you sympathy, the worse it gets. That’s the law of attraction at work. We don’t help anybody by giving them sympathy or thinking about it or talking about. That just gives the situation more negative energy. Any time you get into a feeling of sympathy for anybody, start using The Golden Key instead.
Use The Golden Key every time your thoughts turn to a problem or feel a crisis.
Here’s a couple of examples:
A woman loaned a book two or three years ago. To her, this was a priceless, out of print book. One day she began to say, “God is in this book. God is in the writings in this book. God is in the cover of the book. God is in my name on the book. God is in the gentleman that has it.” She named everything she could think of. A week later, he showed up at her front door and told her that his military family had suddenly moved out of town. They had just come back for a visit and he remembered to bring the book back.
A couple was painting the house. The wife was on a ladder and fell off the ladder. The husband called EMS. While he was waiting he started declaring it good. “God is in charge. God is the life of my wife. God is her health. God is her wholeness. God is the peace.” He said these things all the way to the hospital. She had surgery because she had internal bleeding. They found a problem with her liver. After the operation, the doctors told the husband that if they hadn’t gone into her body and discovered this, she would have been dead in a short period of time. Something that was such a catastrophe turned out to actually be a lifesaving experience.
Anything that comes up that you’re concerned about, put God in the midst of it. Ask for and expect a miracle. Know that this is a harmonious attitude. When you take your mind off the problem and put it on the solution, the solution then brings the positive ideas in to let the miracle happen. That’s The Golden Key – when you get yourself out of the way and allow yourself to stop worrying.
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