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Title: Patterns of Low Self-Esteem in Relationship Dependents:
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Patterns of Low Self-Esteem in Relationship dependents : Do not see oneself as "loveable" or "worthwhile." Seek rec...
Patterns of Low Self-Esteem in Relationship dependents:
  • Do not see oneself as "loveable" or "worthwhile."
  • Seek recognition the individual feels he or she deserves
  • Have trouble admitting mistakes.
  • Uses others as gauge of safety.
  • Need to appear right in the eyes of other people - even going as far as lying to look good.
  • Inability to ask others to meet needs or desires.
  • Difficulty starting, meeting deadlines, or finishing projects
  • Difficulties setting healthy priorities.
  • Trouble with decision-making
  • Judging own thoughts and actions harshly, or "not good enough."
  • Embarrassed by gifts, praise or recognition
  • Places higher value upon the way others approve of thoughts, feelings, behavior.

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