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Title: RELATIONSHIP DEPENDANT: Do you feel responsible for other people’s feelings, thoughts, actions and well being? Do you feel responsible for them? If they make poor decisions or if something bad happens to them do you put the blame on yourself and feel personally responsible?
Author: Fraser Trevor
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characteristic of relationship dependency is that it’s easier for you to feel and express anger about injustices done to others than abo...
  • characteristic of relationship dependency is that it’s easier for you to feel and express anger about injustices done to others than about injustices done to you. You are more concerned for other people’s well being than your own, and would gladly take something bad than for someone else to endure it.
  • If you feel best and most comfortable when you’re giving to others, then you are likely to be relationship dependent. This is almost an everyday habit of trying to provide to others and make them happy. If someone is not happy, then you can’t be either.
  • You feel insecure and guilty when someone gives to you. It may feel odd or awkward when others bless you with a gift or service and it can be incredibly hard to receive that gift. Oftentimes you refuse the gift, even to where it can offend that person. You may feel like you’re a burden when someone gives to you.
  • You feel compelled to help other people solve their problems. It is something you might live for and thrive off of. You enjoy being the person that people come to for help, and want to feel needed.
  • You lose interest in your own life when you’re involved with someone. You care more about what’s going on with them than with you, and you want them to succeed more than yourself.
  • You’re unable to stop talking, thinking, and feeling about someone else. It may feel like you’re consumed with them, and when you’re not near them you become depressed and want to get through the day just to see them the next time.
  • Perhaps the most important sign is that you stay in relationships that don’t work and tolerate abuse in order to keep people loving you. It’s very important to understand your past relationships and contemplate if you’ve endured abuse for the benefit of peace and harmony.
  • Do you leave bad relationships, only to form new ones that turn out just as bad? This is something that you’ll see as a pattern in your behavior. This, too, is also very important to understand and to see repetitive behavior if you are codependent.
  • If you feel empty, bored, and worthless if you don’t have someone in your life to take care of, no problems to solve, or crisis to deal with. If you feel that way, and have any of these components, or a few of them, you may be relationship dependent.
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