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Title: Beyond Schadenfruede and Other Forms of Stinking Thinking
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The individual learns these negative patterns of thinking so it will be possible for people to unlearn them in recovery. They can achieve...
The Power of Negative Thinking: B-Sides & Rarities

The individual learns these negative patterns of thinking so it will be possible for people to unlearn them in recovery. They can achieve this by:
The first step is to identify the problem. If the individual does not realize that their negative thought patterns are harmful they are unlikely to put much effort into overcoming them.
The individual next needs to develop the willingness to change. When they realize how much these thinking patterns are holding them back then this should be a good incentive to change.
Escaping negative thinking involves a great deal of hard work, and it will not happen overnight. Sometimes the individual will feel like they are going backwards, but this is all part of the process when it comes to making such changes.
One of the real difficulties with Schadenfreude and other forms of sticking thinking is that people can slip into these negative thought patterns without realizing it. This is why the individual needs to be vigilant and try to be objective about their own thinking.
Mindfulness meditation is a wonderful tool that will help the individual become more objective about their own thinking. It will give them the ability to spot when they have entered a period of unhealthy negativity so they can change course.
Keeping a journal is highly recommended because it will allow the individual to track their thinking over time. That way they will be able to notice patterns and gauge their own progress.
Most spiritual paths will require the follower to abandon these negative ways of thinking.
Those who have joined a 12 Step group will usually find that practicing this program will allow them to overcome stinking thinking. Just turning up to meetings might not be enough by itself to achieve this.
Loving kindness meditation is an excellent remedy for Schadenfreude. The meditator cultivates goodwill towards other people, even their enemies, and they carry this with them into the rest of their life.
Helping other people is another way to foster a sense of goodwill towards other humans. In order for this approach to be effective the individual will need to offer their help with humility.
If people in recovery are suddenly finding themselves dealing with a great deal of negative thinking they should take this as a warning sign. It usually means that they have gone off course in their sobriety.
The individual needs to cultivate empathetic joy for the achievements of other people. This is the complete opposite emotion to Schadenfreude.

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