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Title: Are you into sexual power plays? If you're really into it, S & M can be one of the 'safest' forms of sex around.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Bizarre acting-out behaviours are often a by-product of romance addiction. “fix” may be an elaborate fantasy life not unlike t...
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Bizarre acting-out behaviours are often a by-product of romance addiction. “fix” may be an elaborate fantasy life not unlike the story line of a romance novel, or the euphoria of a new romance 
So now you think you're surrounded by degenerates and sickos?  You think S & M belongs out there with homosexuality and fetishism and things that are just too weird and abnormal to accept?  Well, think again - guys, when you make love to your girlfriend and you give her a little slap on the butt and she asks you to do it a little harder, that's S & M.  And, ladies, when you are at the point of no return, you're climaxing, don't you sometimes dig your fingernails into his back?  I thought so, that's S & M too.  Do you enjoy that extra nipple stimulation, so rough that it has to hurt just a little to feel good?
Yes, S & M again.  How about when he tells you all those nasty things he wants to do to you?  And don't you feel a little humiliated when he calls you a whore or a slut during sex?  That's B & D.  When you blindfold your lover and tease him or her with sexual anticipation, it's all a form of B & D.  If you've ever been in any of these common situations, then you are into S & M or B & D without even knowing it.  And, by adding some knowledge of the S & M arts to your lovemaking, you can get a reputation for being a little more sophisticated than that other person they've been dating.
You don't have to spend a lot of money on paraphernalia.  See those clothespins?  Thought they were just for the laundry?  Well, think again.  How about clamping those on her nipples for extra stimulation, or on her clitoris, or put one on her labia and stretch them out of the way, the better to orally service her.  Ladies, those scarves you use for your hair can also be used to tie up or be tied down with.  Maybe even as a blindfold.  That belt around his waist, do you think it's only for holding his pants up?
A word of caution should be mentioned here, especially as these kinds of household items lend themselves to spontaneity among beginners, or casual sex partners.  Even though S & M can provide some of the least risky sexual outlets in this day and age, it is also not entirely out of the long shadow of AIDS.  If the two of you get so enthusiastic so as to draw blood, even just a drop from a welting, then the exchange of bodily fluids that can transfer the HIV virus is possible.  Especially if this is with a new, or newer partner and the S & M activity is part of foreplay, all procedures for safe sex must be observed.
The pain level of men and women is a gradual thing and varies significantly with the individual.  It is never a good idea to presume that any slave automatically is capable of living up to your standards.  The slave - even when losing control, remains in control, and must tell the dominant where their comfort level lies.  To this end, code words are very important: For example the words, red, yellow and green.  The reason for this is, when rape fantasies or other violating scenarios are being acted out, the slave will often say 'stop' when she really means 'go'.  By using code words that mean the same thing - like red for stop, yellow for maybe or green for go, both master and slave can reach the same understanding without disturbing the fantasy.  Bondage: a popular favorite of the ladies, whether you bind with toilet paper, rope, or handcuffs that feeling of helplessness can't be beat.  Try adding a blindfold or a collar and leash to complete the role-playing.
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