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Title: At play in the field of God.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Along this line of inquiry, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, has discovered a cycle during which ESP practitione...

Along this line of inquiry, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, has discovered a cycle during which ESP practitioners are "more" and "less" accurate in their abilities to "see" or predict events. When scientists examined the accuracy of thousands of ESP predictions, along with documented times these anomalous cognitions took place, the precognative cycle coincided with a specific Local Sidereal Time, or LST. This is the galactic time whereby the center of the Milky Way is used instead of the Sun.

Now we really leave solid ground -- and venture off to space.

Taken to its extreme, the existence of cellular fields, organism fields, species fields, etc. seem quite apparent. If we know these fields exist, perhaps there are even more fields which control larger populations of life. Some esoteric literature like The Keys of Enoch speak of a galactic field, capable of organizing and coordinating life and consciousness within the Milky Way [7]. They suggest that genetic evolution is intelligently manipulated by this field, and that the galactic field has been responsible for effecting beneficial and evolutionary changes to our DNA. In fact, the Keys describe what is been called a "system upgrade" that will soon be "downloaded" to humanity by means of this energy field, evolving us to another type of material and spiritual existence.

Some theorists have explained that it is only necessary for the galactic field to communicate one way (i.e. to transmit only) and that the pineal gland will receive the signal and adjust the organism to resonate with it. The idea is that the vibrations of the galactic field evolves life within its realm and does not need feedback from each organism or species that it influences. Others argue that every location in a field is local, so that the interaction between a small pineal gland and the galactic field is very plausible.

The peak of efficiency was not, however, at galactic "high noon" when the center of our Galaxy is directly overhead. Peak efficiency was repeatedly at 13:30 LST. This would place the center of our Galaxy slightly closer to the horizon. It may or may not be significant but it suggests that some field, with its origins in the Milky Way, is influencing our minds.

Perhaps the most interesting idea is to think of God as the originator of the universal field -- the ultimate technique whereby all energy and matter are controlled and maintained. The possibilities are truly amazing.

We started this story with the possum sitting in the tree. The adaptation of this animal shows that, although we really do not fully understand the methods at work, the Darwinian concept of random mutations and millions of years of natural selection is a paradigm whose days are numbered. The techniques of life and matter are now reaching their limits with mechanistic and non-spiritual impositions. Hopefully we will some day realize our role in this unfolding drama and have a better understanding of ourselves and our destiny. Then we will be at play in the field of God.

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