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Title: EVOPROJECT:The Evolutionary 12 Step program (EVOPROGRAM) invites you to first uncover and then to erase or rewrite self-destructive addictive practices and beliefs
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Due to the fact that  being in the fellowships of various twelve step programs for a considerable length of time. Helping to set up meetin...
Due to the fact that  being in the fellowships of various twelve step programs for a considerable length of time. Helping to set up meetings fellowship over the last years. Gaining Masters degrees in Addiction. Becoming increasingly aware of the need for complete self honesty.
 Consumption of alcohol had been large building up over a thirty year period culminating in a complete alcoholic breakdown. Arriving at this point of self destruction,  imagining that recovery would be instantaneous.  finding over thirty year timespan it isn't .

The insanity of addiction, is the belief that one addict is different than another. The mind or dysfunctional brain disorder remain standardised.

If the addiction is standardised the insanity that remains is that of a standard addiction model.The brain area effected by addiction remains reasonably standardised dependant on the drug of choice and the amount ingested. 80 experts from the ASAM spent four years developing the new definition, which is that addiction is a chronic brain disease. It develops from physical abnormalities in the reward circuitry of the brain, particularly in atypical differences in the way areas of the brain communicate regarding memory, emotional response and pleasure. If you look at the brain of an addict on a CAT scan, abnormalities show up in the same way tumors show up in the lungs of people with lung cancer. 
If for the sake of argument your legs have been amputated, they remain amputated however long you remain in counselling. If you are addicted by your brain dysfunction, and you deny it the same applies you are not magically going to grow mental health. At this stage of our recovery we start talk about being RECOVERED, we are delude and we are in the process of regrowing our amputed legs. A drug addict spends most of his waking hours thinking about drugs, using them, and seeking them out because his brain has an abnormal circuitry, and his behaviours associated with addiction in turn make his abnormalities worse these do not magically change when addiction ceases.
The fact is that due to the brain damage received we are never going to be recovered we will work towards recovery of our mental and emotional cognition. The Evolutionary twelve steps (EVOPROGRAM) will produce a pathway towards recovery as long as we explore the damaged area of our mind and how that part functions or dysfunctions in the reality of an addicted mind. The Evolutionary twelve steps (EVOPROGRAM) teach us that a greater unity must occur between the scientific and spiritual pathways in order for the problems of recovery to be solved. The scientific is not at war with the Spiritual but rather each compliment the other.
Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you try, you keep falling into the same addictions, dysfunctional relationships or other self-destructive behaviors? The reasons for this are not that you are defective, “diseased”, morally weak, genetically disposed, or that you have no faith. Groundbreaking discoveries in biology, psychology can provide explanations for why you many continue to follow self-destructive paths, and, more importantly, hold the key to stable recovery. Instead of replacing one addiction, disempowering behavior or limiting belief system with another, The evolutionary 12 Step program is about the expansion of your cognitive, emotional, and spiritual capability. You will be guided out of a place of addictive behaviour and into a place of knowledge,self-empowerment and freedom.
If You Believe You Can't, or Believe You Can, Either Way, You're Right. The key is in our consciousness. Through the “language” of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, you and only you are creating your life the problem stems in the altered state of consciousness delineated by the timespan and the amount ingested. The problem for most of us is that we unconsciously create what we don’t want in life by our addictive programing, rather than consciously creating what we do want by a set of easily followed instructions. The Evolutionary 12 Step program (EVOPROGRAM) allows you to become the consciously create of your own recovery.

The Mind/Brain Is Not the King of behaviour which has been severely damaged within the addictive process.The brain/mind is highly influenced by neurological, biophysical, biochemical, electromagnetic communications and by the drug of choice. The mind does not function correctly its faulty and requires correction not by drugs but by therapuetic intervention. It needs reprograming by diet, nutrients and information.

 To become able to be the conscious creator  of our life is to effectively integrate your subconscious beliefs with our conscious beliefs. Often our conscious desires, positive affirmations, and best-laid plans conflict directly with our limiting and sabotaging subconscious addictive beliefs. The subconscious mind is substantially bigger than the conscious mind and can account for as much as 90% of our brain activity throughout the day. Hence addictions processes may heavily influence the mind WITHOUT a substance being present.

The Evolutionary 12 Step program (EVOPROGRAM) invites you to first uncover and then to erase or rewrite self-destructive addictive practices and beliefs

The key to sustainable life change is to release the toxic energy and heavy, dark feelings that keep you stuck in an addictive cycle. These harmful mental dysfunctions may live within you as actual physical pain or perhaps as addictions, depression, lethargy, anger or general malaise. The Evolutionary 12 Step program as envisaged by Bill Wilson in the last ten years of his life will assist you in permanently letting go of the addictive dysfunction that keep you from being fully present, powerful and productive in your life.
You will be given information and tools to integrate those, your addictive dysfunctional mind set of yourself that you may have abandoned, ignored, or shut away. Carl Jung, the great psychotherapist, stated “That which you resist, persists”; in other words, the feelings that you disown within yourself will stalk you until you invite them into the light of your awareness.

Nothing Is Predetermined. Not Even Your Genetics.
Another cornerstone of the Evolutionary 12 step program (EVOPROGRAM) is learning how to consciously influence and work to restore and improve your genetic code. Groundbreaking new discoveries in biology called “epigenetics” have shown that our genes are not locked into a predetermined and unchangeable blueprint at birth. Instead, our beliefs and perceptions of ourselves and our environment, including our consciousness, actively influence our genes. This means the old adage “once an addict, always an addict” is simply and scientifically not true.

The Evolutionary 12 Step program (EVOPROGRAM) will help you to understand the mechanics of addiction and how that impacts on the mind , the value of an action based program that reprograms the addictive mind set. The genetic memory markers of addiction that strongly influence your self-destructive behaviors and patterns.  These dysfunctional mechanisms make it possible,  to re-inform your DNA to reshape your own biology and truly make us a master of our own life, to become genetically reborn and remade.

Renewing Your Energetic Blueprint.
Science has validated what ancient mystical traditions have practiced for millennia; every living thing has an energy body. our physical body is a mirror reflection of the health of our energetic body, which informs our genetic blueprint, holds the memory of who I am, and is the storehouse for everything that has ever happened to me.
The Evolutionary 12-Step program (EVOPROGRAM) is designed to rebalance our addicted mind and then "re-inform" it with a more life affirming blueprint.  The simple program backed up by scientific data will allow you to maintain a healthy, functioning energetic rebalanced mind..
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