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Recovery from alcohol dependence, without relapse, is made possible,  through healthy nutritional habits and the addition of food suppleme...
Recovery from alcohol dependence, without relapse, is made possible, through healthy nutritional habits and the addition of food supplements.
Initially, the body of an alcohol dependent person is severely depleted of necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes and trace elements.  Because the undernourished body has difficulty metabolizing food, high levels of supplements are required in order for the body to absorb enough to revitalize itself.  All supplements are simply just food.  No drugs or medicines are used in the EVOPROGRAM Recovery residential aftercare, rehab or treatment programs for restoring normalcy to the brain and body.
Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, founder of the Princeton BioCenter and pioneer amino acid researcher states,
 “We have found that if a drug can be found to do the job of medical healing, a nutrient can be found to do the same job.”
Participants in the EVOPROGRAM Recovery Program take specific formulas of food supplements fordetoxification, restoration and ongoing maintenance.*** Additional nutritional formulas may be suggested to participants based upon the results of their laboratory testing and medical history.  Supplemental formulas are individualized according to specific needs.

 During the EVOPROGRAM Recovery program participants develop sound nutritional habits to support their ongoing recovery.  Actually, they enjoy eating a huge array of healthy and delicious foods.  (If participants are overweight, they will lose weight.   If participants are under weight, they will gain weight.) Participants continue taking the restoration food supplements for several months following the completion of the EVO program.  It is recommended that the nutritional guidelines be continued for up to two years allowing the brain and body to recover from the damage done by years of drinking.  However, in time, a relaxation can occur in the nutritional plan as the brain and body become healthy again.  Some food supplements are encouraged as a daily habit for life.
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