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Title: Mind-altering substances are not the only things over which I am powerless.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Mind creates life (Photo credit: Wikipedia )  My life can still become unmanageable without picking up a drink or drug.  If I try to c...
Mind creates life
Mind creates life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 My life can still become unmanageable without picking up a drink or drug.  If I try to control those things over which I have no control, my life suddenly loses the serenity for which I have fought so hard, and step one helps me to keep all my thoughts in check, not just the ones concerning addictive substances.
When the people that I love are behaving in ways with which I disagree, and I fight to make them see my way is the right way, my life becomes unmanageable.
When situations arise that are unjust, and I am outraged with the injustice, my life becomes unmanageable.
When I am filled with fear over a future event, or filled with regret over a past event, my life becomes unmanageable.
When I am fixated on what is wrong in my life, instead of being grateful for all that is good, my life becomes unmanageable.
In each of those cases, and many others, simply admitting that I am powerless over those people, over the future, over the past, over so many things, frees me from the accompanying negative feelings, and allows me to remember what I can control, and restores me to sanity.
I am hoping my fellow friends in recovery will be willing to add to this post.  How does step one help in everyday living?

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