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Title: List of spiritual principles
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The Buddha And Vajrapani, Gandhara 2nd Century (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) The sincere belief that living by these basic, universal, c...
The Buddha And Vajrapani, Gandhara 2nd Century
The Buddha And Vajrapani, Gandhara 2nd Century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sincere belief that living by these basic, universal, common-sense spiritual principles necessarily leads to a vibrant life overflowing with compassion and gratitude, service and giving, deep friendships, allowing one to excel in areas of passion and interest, and eventually delivering complete inner peace and enlightenment – or that amazing "peace that passes all understanding" . Ego deflation is a central pillar of genuine, thorough spiritual practice. 

This is a partial list of universal spiritual principles which have been taught repeatedly by many of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers throughout history 
 Remaining open-minded and teachable, much like a child; remaining pliable like clay
  1. Making peace with all; pacificsm, nonviolence; dedicated stance against war
  2. Mindfulness of the present moment
  3. Monitoring one’s stream of thoughts in an effort to maintain positivity and compassion (closely related tomindfulness of the present moment)
  4. Not worrying about the future
  5. Not dwelling upon past events
  6. Non-attachment (to things, people, places, ideas, habits, money, lifestyle, etc.); one must be able to walk away from it all if necessary, as the Buddha, Jesus, and many other teachers made quite clear
  7. Deflating the ego[2]
  8. Practicing humility
  9. Constant awareness of & connection to oneness, to "the Source", and not having a need to name it or define it (Mother Nature, God, Tao, Universal Intelligence,Creator, creative force, the universe, orwhatever else one might choose to call the unseen, unknowable realm; whatever rests behind the curtain ofreality)
  10. Extending goodwill andRight Action not only toward humanity, butto creation in its entirety (pets, squirrels, trees, earth, insects, and yes, toward the overall environment as well; basically, having positive intent towardeverything)
  11. Spiritual ecology: Acknowledging the critical need to recognize, understand, and address the spiritual dynamics at the root of environmental degradation
  12. Expressing hope; maintaining a positive outlook, even in the face of despair
  13. Focusing on unity, oneness, and sharing instead of division, separateness, and differences
  14. Tolerance and acceptance; refraining from criticizing, condemning, complaining (This is classic Dale Carnegie; certainly not easy)
  15. Forgiving others when we are wronged
  16. Displaying courage in the face of fear
  17. Following the heart, not worrying about the opinions and beliefs of others; avoiding habitual conformity
  18. Open-mindedness, flexibility, remaining teachable; willingness to learn and to objectively explore and study, rather than blindly accepting whatever you are told you "should" do or "ought" to believe
  19. Bringing truth to error
  20. Displaying faith[1] in the face of doubt
  21. Showing kindness to neighbors (everyone); loving others (everyone) as ourselves
  22. Living with integrity (Being the same person no matter whom you’re with)
  23. Practicing brotherly love
  24. Employing perseverance and discipline in the face of obstacles
  25. Seeking opportunities to improve the world by asking, "How may I serve?"
  26. Practicing daily meditation to increase awareness, mindfulness
  27. Practicing quiet contemplation to develop insight, wisdom
  28. Treating others as we would like to be treated ("The Golden Rule")
  29. Facing hatred with compassion; loving one’s enemies
  30. Practicing honesty; telling the truth, avoiding lies
  31. Expressing genuine compassion; wanting as much or more for others as you do for yourself
  32. Avoiding fideistic, rigid, fundamentalist worldviews that declare all others to be wrong (i.e., Ending all belief that members of other religious faiths, the faithless, etc. are not as right as you are)
  33. Expressing gratitude and appreciation at all times; remaining grateful for everything and everyone you have in your life; also, being grateful for what others have in their lives
  34. Service-orientation: Our lives, including all business activity, should be focused on providing real serviceto others
  35. Not taking anything personally; this goes for any statement or action of another person (One of the classicFour Agreements by spiritual teacher Miguel Ruiz)
  36. Always doing one’s best (Another of the classic Four Agreements by spiritual teacher Miguel Ruiz)
  37. Doing what you say you’ll do
  38. Practicing what you preach (integrity)
  39. Giving anonymously
  40. Practicing silence, restraint
  41. Refraining from egotistical descriptions of one’s own spirituality; keeping your spiritual practices to yourself (that’s not to discourage teaching spirituality or spiritual practices to others; however, remaining mindful of ones true motivation in such matters really canhelp keep the ego out of the process.)
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