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Title: Kundalini yoga
Author: Fraser Trevor
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This is the science which leads to the reawakening of the ajna chakra, reactivating the pineal gland and giving control over the powerful...
This is the science which leads to the reawakening of the ajna chakra, reactivating the pineal gland and giving control over the powerful wayward endocrine glands of the body. It leads to a profound alteration in the hormonal secretions of the endocrine glands and a lowering of seratonin levels in the brain tissues. There is a retracing of our journey out of childhood. When Jesus Christ told his disciples “Unless you become once more like little children you cannot re-enter the kingdom of heaven” he was not speaking symbolically, but was referring to precisely this process. Rejuvenating the endocrine system allows us to regain the child’s state of consciousness through the resulting alteration in brain biochemistry. This is the meaning of the awakening of kundalini -the ascent of the primal energy back up through the chakras, altering the glandular functions, until the sahasrara is awakened. This is the goal of yoga. It is the experience of cosmic consciousness or union with the divine. With the onset of puberty and the adoption of a sexual identity, the focus of attention, the seat of consciousness shifts from the large functional pineal gland. This gland is switched off and the reproductive system becomes the most powerful object of awareness. Then the doorways to higher consciousness accessible to the child close off as he or she becomes engrossed in coping with the powerful emotions and drives which are awakening within the body. Consciousness descends from ajna to mooladhara.

The science of kundalini yoga progressively re-channels the energy back upwards to its source. When the consciousness is in mooladhara, the possibility of higher awareness is forgotten and we become locked within the mundane state of awareness characteristic of the adult world. In this state, the highest bliss attainable is the momentary and fleeting loss of identity experienced in the climax of the orgasm in sexual union. This is a most powerful experience for a person locked within mundane consciousness, and that is why it is so highly valued and sought after. In fact, this experience gives man and woman the most transitory glimpse of the never ending cosmic bliss which is attained when the same kundalini shakti pierces the sahasrara at the culmination of yoga sadhana. This experience is even described in the tantras in very sexual terms, so that we will have some idea of its nature and intensity. It is described there as the eternal union of Shiva and Shakti, consciousness and energy. This is sahasrara, and this is the goal which yogis seek. It involves a progressive loss of the masculine or feminine sexual role, with the total reorganisation of the endocrine and nervous systems, and the realisation of both elements within the yogi’s body and psyche. This is the symbolic meaning behind the tantric art of India in which Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna are depicted in a very beautiful childlike way, with half masculine and half feminine characteristics. It is a symbolical means of presenting this truth and symbolises that they are ever in cosmic union.

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