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Title: If you're sober today YOU WIN.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Sober (Jennifer Paige song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Drop the rock.  Lighten up.  If you're sober today YOU WIN.  The rest is a...
Sober (Jennifer Paige song)
Sober (Jennifer Paige song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drop the rock.  Lighten up.  If you're sober today YOU WIN.  The rest is all gravy, so stop wringing your hands and worrying about what will happen next and how to avoid screwing it all up.  Sometimes you're going to screw it all up!  It's okay.  You learn from it (or you learn from it a couple more screw ups down the road) and you don't pick up the first drink one day at a time.  After all, for me a great freedom was to realize that the Big Book states that working the 12 Steps (and the principles of AA) will "...allow us to meet calamity with serenity..."   It does not say that working the Steps and practicing the principles will allow us to avoid calamity altogether.  Hard times easy times hard times easy times again; and sometimes (often?) I am the author of much of my own hard times.  Roll with it.  We have a "design for living" which gives us the ability to find the gratitude in (almost) any scenario (if we're open and willing to see things differently), and the tools to right things when we make a mess.  Drop the rock and dance around the living room for a little while. Go on.  You'll feel better.

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