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Title: Knowing how you feel is very important!
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Knowing how you feel is very important!!! When someone asks you how you feel do you answer ok, fine or great? Those are NOT feelings. Fe...

Knowing how you feel is very important!!!

When someone asks you how you feel do you answer ok, fine or great? Those are NOT feelings.


I feel excited. I feel happy.

I feel anxious, I feel consumed.

It is often difficult to define our feelings. We usually experience a variety of feelings in any given situation. Sometimes our feelings may even seem contradictory. A review of this list of feelings might enable you to associate a label or word with the particular feelings you are experiencing.


Copy this list so you can look at it as often as you like, and select a word or words that describe how you feel

If you can think of other feelings please add them to your list

abandoned, abused, accepted, accused, admired, adventurous, affectionate, affirmed, afraid, aggressive, aggravated, agitated, alarmed, alienated, alive, alone, ambivalent, angry, annoyed, antagonistic, anticipated, anxious, apathetic, appreciated, apprehensive, approved, arrogant, ashamed, assertive, attacked, attractive, awed, awkward,

balanced, beaten, belligerent, betrayed, bewildered, bitter, blamed, bored, bothered, bugged, burned up

capable, cared for, castrated, caustic, chagrined, challenged, cheated, closed, comfortable, comforted, compassionate, competent, complacent, compromised, concerned, confident, confused, congruent, connected, consumed, contaminated, controlled, out of control, creative, cross, cruel, crushed, curious, cut off,

dead, deceived, defeated, defensive, defiant, degraded, dejected, delighted, deserving, desired, desperate, destroyed, devastated, dirty, disappointed, discontented, disgusted, disillusioned, disjointed, dismayed, distant, distorted, distracted, distressed, disturbed, dominated, domineering, drained, dread, drowning, drugged, dumb, dying,

eager, edgy, egotistic, elated, embarrassed, embraced, empty, endangered, enraged, enthused, envious, evasive, exasperated, exhausted, exhilarated, exploited, explosive, exposed,

failed, failure, fat, fatigued, fearful, fighting mad, floundering, fooled, forgiven, forgotten, fouled, free, friendless, friendly, frightened, frustrated, furious,

galled, generous, genuine, gifted, gracious, grateful, gratified, greedy, grumpy, guilty,

hate, hated, hatred, healed, heavy, helpless, hopeful, hopeless, hostile, hurt, hyperactive, hypocritical,

ignored, immobilized, impatient, impotent, inadequate, indifferent, incompetent, inconsistent, in control, indecisive, independent, indignant, inferior, infuriated, inhibited, injured, insecure, irked, irritated, isolated, intense, integrated, intimate, intimidated, irrational, irritable,

jealous, joyful, judged, judgmental,

liberated, light, limited, lonely, like a loser, lost, lovable, loved, loyal,

mad, manipulated, marked, masked, masochistic, melancholic, miffed, misinformed, misunderstood,

naked, needy, neglected, noxious,

obligated, offended, optimistic, outraged, overlooked, oversized, over sexed, overwhelmed,

pain, panic, paranoid, passionate, peaceful, persecuted, perturbed, pessimistic, phony, pissed-off, playful, pleased, pleasured, possessed, possessive, powerful, powerless, precious, preoccupied, pressured, private, protective, proud, provoked, punished, purposeful, put down, put out, puzzled,

enraged, rambunctious, reassured, rejected, resentful, responsible, responsive, restrained, resurrected, revengeful, reverence, rewarded, rigid,

sacred, sad, sadistic, like a scapegoat, scared, secretive, secure, seductive, seething, selfish, sensual, shaky, shamed, shocked, shy, sick, sincere, sinful, smothered, soiled, sorrowful, spontaneous, spiteful, stressed, strong, stubborn, stupid, subservient, superior, supported, suspicious, sympathetic,

teed off, tender, terrified, threatened, ticked off, tired, tolerant, tolerated, traumatized, tranquil, triumphant, trusted, trusting, turned off,

ugly, unable, unappreciated, unbalanced, uncertain, understood, unfulfilled, unhappy, unique, unloved, unprepared, upset, unresponsive, unlikable, uptight, used, useful, useless,

vain, valuable, vengeful, vicious, vindicated, vindictive, violent, vulnerable,

warm, weak, weary, whole, withdrawn, wonderful, worn out, worthless, worthy

youthful, yearning, zany, zealous

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