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Title: For anyone feel depressed, suicidal, sad right now. You are under a massive illusion.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Cover of Kyle Cease  When we get depressed, it feels like our world is closing in on us. Our vibration lowers and asks crazy limiting t...
Kyle Cease
Cover of Kyle Cease
 When we get depressed, it feels like our world is closing in on us. Our vibration lowers and asks crazy limiting thoughts. If you just broke up with someone, the mind literally mind might trick you and say "There will be no one out there for you. You will never be with anyone again." That is absolute bull shit.
You have met .000001 percent of the people on this planet. You could meet 100 people a day and still not meet hardly anyone here. If you lost your job, your mind could trick you and say, "We are never going to make any money. We are doomed." This is also an illusion that comes when your mind choses to go to a state of fear.
Your heart has moved to the illusion of fight or flight. If you lose something that you believe was a part of you (even though you are whole as is), your body decides to defend itself. It is using the methods designed for a caveman surviving a tiger attack to take care of this problem. It lost what it thought was a part of itself and now it feels defense.
When you feel this lack, your mind has to justify it. Your mind and logic do nothing but try to justify why you feel a certain way. If you feel sad, your minds job is to look for reasons you feel that way. It is finding proof for you! Its job is to help you feel right, not happy. (Remember you are defending yourself so it is about winning.)
If you feel sad cause you lost someone, your mind will look for a reason to prove it to yourself! No matter how crazy it is, your mind can do it! So it will say to you things like, "You will never have another person again." to justify it.
This is why people who are sad LIST OUT ALL THE REASONS WHY they are sad to the people around them. Their mind is justifying and trying to literally defend staying there.
This is why how you feel is all that matters. You can decide how you feel. The problem is most people think that their circumstances decide how they feel. That is not true. YOU decide how you feel, you just give the power to your circumstances.
You might read this and now think, "So what do I do then?" Believe it or not, that is actually a fight or flight question too. There is nothing for you to do. Literally just reading this makes you a tiny bit more aware. The next time you are sad and you hear those thoughts coming in, you now know that it is your amazing mind justifying your sadness. It does not mean those thoughts are true. They are an illusion. Observe these thoughts and examine them. Is this really true? Am I under the illusion of fear right now? Now, you are informationally more aware. As you experience this, you will be more aware for real.
The more aware you become, the less sad you will be. This is why sadness is actually a good thing. You wouldn't care about what I am writing if you were already happy. You can use your sadness to explore what is really true and start knocking down the illusions in your life. Congrats on being sad. You wouldn't be moving forward faster if you weren't. We need you and your potential awareness. If you suddenly realize you are not those thoughts, and you are the thing observing the thoughts, than who the hell are you?

Kyle Cease

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