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Title: EVOPROJECT: New Recovery Advocacy Movement. in recovery from addiction, their families, friends and allies are on the move.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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 Some are calling on mayors, governors and legislators to change policies to make it possible for people to get needed treatment and recov...
 Some are calling on mayors, governors and legislators to change policies to make
it possible for people to get needed treatment and recovery support services. Others are
joining National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month celebrations that draw
tens of thousands of people and extensive media coverage.
Local communities of recovery are organizing and sharing ideas, resources and
experiences. A grass roots media campaign  is countering stigma and putting a positive face on recovery. A network of thousands of recovery homes is spreading rapidly to small towns and large cities. Recovery High Schools are flourishing, as are special programs for the growing number of recovering people entering or returning to college. Innovative peer-based recovery support services, ranging from Recovery Support Centers to growing networks of recovery coaches are testimony to new creative solutions to addiction. Something is happening in our communities -- a renewed spirit of service and activism that has been christened the New Recovery Advocacy Movement.
Faces & Voices of Recovery, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug
Dependence, the Legal Action Center, the Johnson Institute, the Center for Substance
Abuse Treatment’s Recovery Community Services Program grantees such as White
Bison, Association of Persons Affected by Addiction (APAA) and Connecticut
Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) and hundreds of new grassroots recovery
community organizations are all part of this exciting movement. Recovering people are
collaborating with visionary professionals to communicate to the world that addiction
recovery is a reality for millions of people and their families. This movement is calling
for a vanguard of recovering people and their families and friends to stand together as
living proof of this proposition.
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