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Title: Every one of us can suffer psychotic breaks
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The Reality of the Virtual (Photo credit: Wikipedia )  Every one of us can suffer psychotic breaks – we are none of us superman, or ...
The Reality of the Virtual
The Reality of the Virtual (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Every one of us can suffer psychotic breaks – we are none of us superman, or superwoman. Place any one of us under enough toxically-focussed stress, and we will all experience some or all of the following:– paranoia, inability to think straight, hallucinations, delusions, and invariably a loss of contact with today’s reality in which the rest of us live. A simpler illustration is the tantrum. Who among us can deny having at least one tantrum – the red mist descends, all other considerations are thrown to the wind, and contact with what is real is lost, temporarily for most, but longer for the psychotic sufferer. “I just went mad” is poignantly precise. The actual symptoms themselves as described by the psychotic sufferer are of no practical value whatsoever – their variability and fluidity being limited only by the imagination and creativity of that individual – another point which befuddles the standard medical mind. Their only clinical relevance is their severity, and less frequently their dangerousness. What they actually represent is the whirring of malperceptions – misperceptions of a malign hue. Once contact with reality – the common touchstone for all humanity – is lost, then there is simply no restraint on what can spout from a troubled mind.

The psychotic sufferer labours under a belief system which is no longer based on today’s reality and is therefore alien to what the rest of us believe. Most of us hold on to reality as best we can, sometimes with difficulty – so to have one of us stoutly declare that the world is full of unseen terrors, that there are voices and visions which the rest of us cannot hear or see – this shakes us to our core. In particular it challenges our own personal belief systems – and when we are threatened, we tend to react aggressively, even destructively.

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