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Title: Crackhead mentality wealth addiction Wealth Addiction Is The Most Dangerous Addiction On Earth
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Being “addicted to” or being “needy” of something, comes from a place of weakness, so you will have absolutely NO CONTROL OVER it. Now, t...
Being “addicted to” or being “needy” of something, comes from a place of weakness, so you will have absolutely NO CONTROL OVER it.

Now, think about MONEY…. You’re not addicted to money… are you?!
I’m sure you’ve seen the behavior of “crackheads”, addicted to CRACK…..       They are needy and weak.

They genuinely (and constantly) think they “need more crack” just to survive, (but won’t ADMIT it), just like most people think they “need more money“, but won’t admit that they think they need it!
Now, that may sound crazy, and this next stuff might make you uncomfortable, but it’s the TRUTH. You may not agree at first, but when you begin to understand the energy of money and laws of attraction, you’ll see these are principles of freedom.

Being in a “needy” state of mind makes people weak and hopeless. We may think we need money so bad that we are not willing to “let it go” or better yet, INVEST ITto learn how to create more money, using less time. As soon as we get any sparetime or money, we immediately “use it all up” (and trade it for nonsense that DOES NOT create a financially free or abundant future). The very second you get your hands on any money, you spend and waste it, it’s gone – spent on liabilities and/or everything else except an asset.

 Are YOU addicted to money?

What about TIME? Are you always “busy”? Are you way too busy to LEARN HOW to create yourself some abundance? Have you ever said to one of your friends, “Man, I’d love to invest in a business, but I don’t have the money”, or “yeah I want that ___, but don’t have that kind of money” or “yeah I wish I could start a ____, but I’m so BUSY, I don’t have the TIME to do it”?

You see, it’s not that we don’t have the money (or time). The real question is – what do we DO with the money once we get it? Do we blow it on entertainment, beer, cigarettes, paying bills/liabilities, and paying everybody ELSE (including the government, paying our TAXES) before paying ourselves? When there’s none left at the end of the month, it’s almost a panic, as if we are addicted to money! One thing I have noticed on my journey, is that successful people don’t “find” the time to be wealthy and free – They MAKE the time to be free because it is important to them!

What do you do with your spare TIME? Do you spend more time planning a BBQ or buying Christmas gifts than you do planning your own FUTURE? When it comes to making money, are you scared to “sell” somebody something they need? Are you scared to “ask for” or (trade) the money in exchange for something they already want for themselves?Are you so afraid of loss or rejection, trying so hard to protect your own self image, that you never even try to help people get what they want? Are you afraid of the word “no”, or afraid of losing money?

How to STOP being addicted to MONEY, so you can ATTRACT it instead.

Have you ever noticed how crackheads “chase” crack, and NEVER seem to get enough of it?
So goes a law of success for people who “need it”.  They are addicted to money, so success is not sustainable.

If you ever want to ATTRACT money and have the abundance mentality, you must believe that you DESERVE it. When offering someone something, you must know that you are helping others, not yourself. You can not have the “needy” energy where you care about their answer – (whether they say yes or no). People feel the energy if they think you “need” to make a sale or are trying too hard to sell them something. They love to buy things, but they just do not like to be “sold” on it. You must also take the necessary daily disciplined ACTION to deserve the money, using the law of averages. Life does NOT give you what you “need” – It gives you what you DESERVE. Most people decide to “take what life gives them”, do the minimum, watch TV in their spare time, and become victims of the future, rather than CREATING their future with any extra time they have. You must be willing to make huge sacrifices and do what others aren’t willing to do, to get what they’ll never have.

You also must be able to “let go” of  money and INVEST it into a business ASSET, rather than waste it on ridiculous LIABILITIES. A liability is something that takes money OUT of your pocket. An asset is something that puts money INTO your pocket. Are you willing to skip a Starbucks coffee every day for a month or two to be able to save the money to start your own home business? Are you willing to eat Ramen Noodles for a year if you have to, so you can save that money to INVEST in something? If you fear “losing money”, than you will be a LOSER, because, like the crackhead, you will continue to blow it on the “instant gratification”. When you decide to stop being addicted to money and invest it into YOURSELF, life will change, right before your eyes.
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