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Title: What have gambolling lambs and blossoming bluebells to do with addiction?
Author: Fraser Trevor
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einstien_relativity_20 (Photo credit: nathan x. sanders ) Well, it’s about being alive –neither can gambol nor blossom after they die. ...
einstien_relativity_20 (Photo credit: nathan x. sanders)
Well, it’s about being alive –neither can gambol nor blossom after they die. The addiction community has been disgracefully slow to grasp the elemental difference between being alive/awake and being dead/sleeping, and sadly today’s recovery community suffers as a result. Though scientists have cheerfully taken Relativity and Uncertainty in their stride, they persist in fumbling the difference between in vivo and in vitro. Even something as abstruse and hard to come by as anti-matter is nowadays quite acceptable, whereas the most vital thing about being alive – its adaptability – is not.
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