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Title: Top Ten recovery books on alcoholism.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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AA Big Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia )  Most are best-selling classics in the AA recovery community. Some recovery books are featured i...
AA Big Book
AA Big Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Most are best-selling classics in the AA recovery community. Some recovery books are featured in the Reading Assignments at the Step Workshop. Newcomers will find this top 10 list of AA recovery books particularly useful. :
  1. Alcoholics Anonymous: The Big Book, 4th Edition by Anonymous: The primary textbook that started it all and is the model for all the 12 Step fellowship programs. The Big Book has transformed countless lives and has been like a “bible” for the recovery community since it was first published in 1939. The fourth edition contains 24 new personal stories in addition to the stories of AA’s pioneers and the original 164 pages of recovery instructions for alcoholics. It can be read online for free and found here.
  2. Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions by Alcoholics Anonymous: Also known as the “12 and 12” this is a must-have reference book for understanding and working the 12 Steps. The book is helpful to all members of a 12 Step fellowship as it provides an in-depth study of each Step and the Traditions. The 12 and 12 can be read online for free and found here.
  3. The Little Red Book by Anonymous: Excellent reference and study guide of the 12 Steps. Authored by Dr. Bob S., the co-founder of AA, along with early AAer’s from Minneapolis, MN.
  4. Twenty Four Hours a Day by Anonymous and Daily Reflections: A Book of Reflections by A.A.: These are great daily meditations and companion books to the primary texts. Many in the recovery community begin their day with these daily meditation books.
  5. Living Sober by Anonymous: The first recovery book that many of us read. Full of practical suggestions for newcomers or anyone who wants to learn how to live life sober. Highly recommend reading for everyone, especially newcomers.
  6. Came to Believe by A.A. Services: Poignant short stories by numerous AA members of self-discovery in their spiritual journey. This book has become a favorite in the recovery community.
  7. Search for Serenity and How to Achieve It by Lewis F. Presnall: Wonderful book about emotional growth and how to turn misery into serenity. Full of practical guidance to help anyone going thru challenging or painful times in their life.
  8. Sermon on the Mount: The Key to Success in Life by Emmett Fox: Contains powerful and inspirational messages for spiritual and character development.
  9. A Woman’s Guide to Recovery by Brenda Lliff: An excellent guidebook for women or men in recovery. This book will help anyone who wants to better understand everything from the recovery process, to the 12 Step Program with practical suggestions on how to apply the Program in your every day life.
  10. Undrunk: A Skeptics Guide to AA by A.J. Adams: Humorous book that describes the authors’ introduction to the recovery process and his first year of sobriety. Highly recommended for newcomers or anyone who would like to learn about the 12 Step program.
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