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Title: There is a spiritual axiom, which recognizes that most of us are asleep, dreaming that we are awake.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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This is an accurate description of our human condition. It may be a little sparse in depth and breadth of understanding and not do much t...
This is an accurate description of our human condition. It may be a little sparse in depth and breadth of understanding and not do much to convey the state of our human dream conditioning, but it is still fair and correct. It isonto something.

It is a start in recognizing that as we humans exist, living our lives in a constant state of unawareness, that we are not aware and that we are are, in a very real sense, psychotic; meaning that we are unaware of what is true and what is false; that we are unconscious to reality.

Is there a way out of this predicament? Yes.
To simply become aware of our present lack of consciousness is to no longer remain unconscious. That's all there is to it. Too simple to believe, isn’t it?
This simple idea contains the infinite profundity of all spirituality. It is the only real truth anyone ever need see in order to live whole and connected to the Creator, in the Sunlight of the Spirit, full of grace, God conscious, in the now, however you term it; it is all still living God's will and a living testimony to the “Thy will - not my will" experience.

You could devote years of study to mysticism and consult with most enlightened of the gurus – even climb the formal ranks of spiritual attainment in intellect and theological knowledge --- and still, if this simple idea evades you, then you will have learned nothing at all that is worthwhile. You would have substituted doctrine for understanding.

Conversely, see this great truth then you will need to study and learn . . . . nothing.
All that you ever need to see and know will be automatic -- without effort or care or will.
The simple act, this seemingly too simple choice - the only one we ever really have, to be aware, is the basis for meditation and the secret weapon that frees us from all delusion. It never need become any more complicated than that.

It is the mediation practice that allows us to break out of the pit of dreams we call thinking, by separating us from thoughts and allowing the delusions they bring to float on by.

So, why bother?
Because when we make decisions from a fool’s paradise, our decisions can never be right.
When unconscious we become entirely subject to fate, chance or luck. Then life becomes an endless series of coin-tosses. We live and react to conditions as if our lives are nothing more than a computer algorithm because it is no longer comprised of intuitive action aligned with the will of the Creator as was intended.

Most people who practice a Twelve Step lifestyle have been well counseled in the importance of aligned thought and behaviors - life and will if you prefer – over to God’s care and to receive knowledge of His will and the power to carry His will out.

The knowledge and the power for which the Twelve Stepper prays cannot be wrested out of a life that is really just its own ambitious preoccupation with making self-willed decisions. When we exist in an unconscious state – this walking sleep - we can have neither the knowledge nor the power of the Eleventh Step experience because our very ground of being from which we are designed to function is disconnected, removing us from the present truth of ‘now’.

Receiving knowledge of God’s will means a reversal of agnosticism – after all, agnostic means without knowledge of God. It is only during our Godfull moments that we are aware. Then we are no longersomnambulant zombies doing our will instead of God’s will. The knowledge and power to carry it out is installed in us without our doing anything.
Only then are we truly not operating from an agnostic, Godless platform and only then can we make ambition-less life choices that can never be wrong.
Conversely, agnostic decisions can never be right. How could they be? They are without the knowledge of Gods will or the power to carry them out.

Staying there, in that place of wakefulness from where Godly direction comes and from where we can have “knowledge of (His) will” and the “power to carry it out” no matter what we do, is the secret of life.

Not so 'secret', is it? The real secret is how to stay in that place; where awareness enlivens the ability to discern and share that vision with of God's will, carrying it into all of our activities.

Once awakened, if what we really have is a daily reprieve; and if this reprieved is indeed subject to the safeguarding of our spiritual condition; and if that state is one of spiritual health and fitness, then it makes sense that carrying the vision of God's will – the one we gain through being awake and aware - into all of our activities is something that we do every single day of our lives or else risk falling back into our sleepwalking state.

Mediation is the way to remember it - to practice it and to stay sharp and fit, which is to say stay awake -- once awakened.

No wonder there is a Step Eleven which says "Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out."
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