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Title: The Problem With “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
Author: Fraser Trevor
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" . . .we hope these pages (BB) will prove so convincing that no further authentication will be necessary." No one...

" . . .we hope these pages (BB) will prove so
convincing that no further authentication
will be necessary."
No one ever takes the Steps out of the “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions”- because no one can. The directions are not in there.
Have you ever heard someone routinely mixing what’s in the “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions” with the Big Book presentation of the Twelve Steps, share about their Twelve Step experiences? Oh Lord, the confusion is frightening – especially if you consider that a newcomer, seeking an answer to his alcohol problem - might be within earshot.
AA does not propose that alcoholics learn how to recover from alcoholism through “a spiritual awakening as the result” of reading the “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions”.
This book, written a full twenty years after the AA spiritual Fellowship was founded, was not written for that purpose . . . . 
 . . . .while that Big Book, “Alcoholics Anonymous” has exactly that main purpose in mind.
"Alcoholics Anonymous" is arguably, the greatest “How To” volume published in the Twentieth Century. By 1958 when the "12 and 12" was published,  millions had already been following direction out of that spiritually inspired work and recovered quite nicely, following the simple directions in it, thank you very much.

But what about his responsibilities - his family and the
men who would die because they would
not know how to get well
So why would a sponsor give a newcomer reading assignments out of adifferent book, one that is not designed to help him recover while diminishing the one book designed  specifically to bring him the help he needs and for which he yearns? Is that sponsor trying to kill him?

Not consciously. But there might be something inside that ‘sponsor’ that would love to.

The recovery landscape is strewed with the bodies of dead alcoholics who attempt ‘intellectual’ approaches to treat their ‘spiritual’ disease. There are enough Big Book Hobbyists who do that - enough to keep ‘we who have recovered’ busy putting out fires - but all ‘Twelve and Twelve Thumpers’ are just like that.  The only way to understand the Steps well enough to explain them to another sufferer is to experience them.

People have been having spiritual awakenings and experiencing spiritual, mental and physical healings throughout the centuries without the help of Bill W and his Fellowship idea. He was merely establishing his  God aligned vision for the wholesale distribution of spirituality. That is all that AA really does.
It serves as a Wholesale Distributor of eons-old spiritual principles that evoke spiritual awakening and God consciousnesses and freedom.  
Reading another man’s accounts with them (As in “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions”) leads un-recovered, cocky alcoholics into thinking they have really learned something about the Twelve Step recovery process; enough to tell others all about it; when all they have done is gleaned someone else’s hard earned experience with them - experiences they ought to be having themselves if they are to carry the “this” message out of their hearts and not merely spill it out their head.  
How many times do we hear in a round robin style, 12 and 12, Open Discussion meeting, "I am not up to this step yet, but . . . . . " only to be subjected to a ten minute 'share-rant' purporting to be all about it?  
There's no experience conveyed; just opinion about an experience the speaker has never had.

"There is no use arousing any prejudice he may have
against certain theological terms and conceptions
about which he may already be confused. "
A recovered alcoholic can go through the “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions “and have profound appreciation for it and for its author. While an un-recovered alcoholic can only become confused, making complicated a simple process with which he has absolutely no experience. It is nauseating to hearing a “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions"  waiving knuckleheads spread their own befuddlement around to still suffering newcomers in AA meetings - talking about his“What it means to me" and “How I do it” as he regurgitates in thesecond place out of a book he never understood in the first. 
This is the something inside them I referred to earlier. There is a spirit; an angry murderous entity, residing inside the ego of all unrecovered alcoholics, that unless expelled through spiritual means, will always seek to spread its special misery and death – even throughout a spiritual Fellowship that naively thinks it is immune to such diabolical assault. It is an intelligent attack from beyond and only through maintaining the conscious contact with God - the kind proposed through the Twelve Steps - can we recovered alcoholics remain neutral, safe and protected; not only from drinking but from all obsessive behaviors that Anger demands.
The “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions “is a wonderful book. It is also spiritually way over the heads of un-recovered, un-awakened alcoholics who are still somnambulant, intellectual zombie-slaves. (Although he won’t think so.) Yet can be profound and interesting to someone who has “had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps"  and would enjoy reading about Bill Wilson's mutual experiences and observations. (Or a non-alcoholic who likes to read and has no capacity to recover from a malady he hasn't got, anyway.)
Newcomers, and quite a number of old-timers too, need to know that there is not one single instruction for one single Step in the “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions” . 
No one ever takes the Steps out of the “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions” because no one can. The directions are not in there. 

The irony of Amy's death is that it took her “ indoctrination”
in rehab to kill her. At least  in  her No, no, no”
phase she lived and  breathed. It was“Yes, yes, yes "
to secular solutions  that guaranteed her ruin.
 For 'real alcoholics' it always does. 
The “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions “is a retrospective collection of articles by Bill W offering his speculations and experiences in observing how AA members recover; and a presentation of the Twelve  Traditions of the AA Society.

These are presented in short and interpretive literary format called essays; from the perspective of a recovered alcoholic who has already done the Steps and been spiritually awakened - many years prior. (It was also a way to ingeniously piggyback the Traditions into the Groups through a simple cross-marketing, publishing technique. But that’s another story.)

I have been to wakes and funerals of real, true alcoholics who thought they might try “Working the Steps” through means other than the proven Big Book presentation, including the “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions”. 
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