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Title: Recovering alcoholics frequently continue to overload their bodies with other toxic substances such as tobacco, caffeine, and large amounts of sugar.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Sugar sugar (Photo credit: dhammza )  Meals are too often high in refined carbohydrates, fat and salt, and low in protein, fruits and ...
Sugar sugar
Sugar sugar (Photo credit: dhammza)
 Meals are too often high in refined carbohydrates, fat and salt, and low in protein, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. This 
type of diet produces and maintains the low blood sugar condition. The attempt to stave off 
alcohol craving by drinking coffee loaded with sugar, smoking tobacco, and keeping candy bars 
stashed for a quick lift, only aggravates the situation. 
Both nicotine and caffeine stimulate adrenalin release, which raises blood sugar levels and gives 
a temporary lift. The body responds by producing excessive insulin which pushes blood sugar 
down lower that it was before. When blood sugar drops, the brain is deprived of fuel and cannot 
function normally. The person becomes confused and emotionally unstable. He sweats, 
trembles, feels faint, and becomes depressed and anxious. He feels a need to drink to supply 
quick energy. Since alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream without having to be 
digested, alcoholics have learned that it gives the quickest relief. Although hypoglycemia due to 
poor diet is one of the factors that can produce alcoholism, excessive alcohol in turn can cause or 
aggravate hypoglycemia. The damaged fatty liver is unable to store much glycogen to be 
converted into glucose, and also has impaired ability to convert fat and protein into glucose. 
Changing to a wholesome, high protein diet free of sugar and white flour, with supplemental B 
vitamins and minerals like zinc, manganese and chromium, stabilizes blood sugar and mood 
swings, and attenuates the desire for excessive caffeine and nicotine as well as alcohol. Adoption 
of these principles could fit easily into the framework of AA and make their work much easier. 
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